About Us

We Believe

At Acoustic Energy Dance, we teach Kids (& Kids at Heart) the skills to excel on the dance floor and in life. 

We know the power of joy and positivity, and we are committed to fostering an encouraging and empowering environment in which students of all ages can be supported in growing the skills to excel; not only in dance, but in all areas of their lives.

At Acoustic Energy Dance, you will learn to build self-confidence, strengthen focus, and develop coordination – all while learning dance and leadership skills.

The positive, team-focused, and goal-oriented environment that is fostered here is the foundation for your growth, for years to come.

We are passionate about sharing the joy of dance with students of all ages and helping you experience your own soulful connection with dance


At Acoustic Energy Dance, it’s about more than just dance.

It’s about teaching students the skills to excel on the dance floor – and also in life.

In addition to learning dance, our students learn the skills to grow as people and as leaders.


We’ve worked hard to cultivate a uniquely supportive and positive community.

A community that provides students of all ages with the foundation they need to be courageous, and grow in confidence and skill – both on and off the dance floor.


Our students tell us they have more confidence, better self-esteem, and better ability to work as part of a team because they train with us.

That’s because we’ve worked hard to carefully cultivate an environment that provides students of all ages the foundation they need to be courageous and grow – not just in dance, but also in life.

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