Code of Conduct &
Classroom Protocols

At Acoustic Energy Dance, we’ve worked hard to foster and maintain a uniquely positive and empowering studio environment for the benefit of our entire studio community.  One of the ways we protect and actively guard the culture we’ve worked hard to create is by ensuring adherence to a high standard of conduct.

Where appropriate and/or necessary, students/parents will be counseled about appropriate behaviors. 

 Adherence is required for continued enrollment.


Our Studio is a place of joy

This means we celebrate successes (small and large) and carry happy hearts that radiate light from within us to everyone in our midst – both inside and outside the studio walls.


Our Studio is a place of capability

Positivity – and the belief that we can – is at the root of this place of capability.  We are kind in the way we speak to and about ourselves and each other.  We use body language in a manner that conveys and invites empowering interactions with those around us.  When disappointments or frustrations arise, we acknowledge them and then lift each other up with encouragement and hope for the potential that lies ahead.


Our Studio is a place of purposeful learning

We employ the four laws of focus (Eyes, Ears, Brain, and Body) as we strive to maintain an environment in which everyone’s learning and growth can be supported.  First and foremost, we Focus with our Eyes, because good focus starts with good eye contact.  With our eyes focused, we are poised for better listening in order to Focus with our Ears.  Once eyes and ears are focused, it is easier to have purposeful thought and retain information longer as we Focus with our Brain.  And, finally, with eyes, ears, and mind properly focused, we can Focus with our Body as we learn to do the right thing with our body and understand our physical capabilities.


Our Studio is a place wherein respect for others (and the studio space) is non-negotiable

We treat others as integral members of our whole studio team. There are no exclusions or whispering side conversations. We do not tolerate behaviors such as back-biting, name calling, gossiping, or other disrespectful behaviors. We raise our hand and wait to be called upon when we have something to say and we ask for permission if we need to leave the dance floor. We wear only appropriate dance wear on the dance floor and keep food and drinks (besides water) out of the studio. It is imperative that our studio is a place in which each individual can feel safe and comfortable to be who they are – that is what provides the foundation for each of us to be courageous as we grow in confidence and skill.  


Our Studio is a place in which everyone does their part

We show up as scheduled, ready to dance on time. We bring our best and do our best each day – understanding that our best may be different from day to day.  We ensure we have completed our practice at home and come prepared to fully engage, both body and mind, with our team in the classroom. We join in as part of our studio community at out-of-class events and activities. We know that we can accomplish great things when we are all in it together.