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Hey, everybody! Hey, it’s Ruth and I’m here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon, where we teach the happiest dance classes around.

And this is, as you will see, a video. Our… we have been working really hard to improve our communication with our families and this is another way that we are working to keep connected and keep in communication with you, because we love you and we want to make sure that you feel connected with what’s happening in the studio, with us here, and we are connected with you and that we are keeping the communication open.

So you’ll see that we have our weekly emails, those are going to be, now starting this week, scheduled to go out every Monday night. And then we’ll follow it up with this video update pretty much saying the same things and then we’ll post an audio update to our podcast. So this is just some other ways that we’re working hard to connect, keep connected and in communication with you, our studio families, whom we just think are amazing.

So just, we’ll just get right to it then.

So what’s happening upcoming is, next Monday… Woohoo!  Yay! Next Monday, the 17th of August is our outdoor summer recital. And, as you know, we don’t usually have a summer recital. Usually we are doing parades and festivals and things in the summer. But, this year, our… all those things are off, as you know, and our theater recital that was at the end of June, unfortunately, or at the beginning of June, was unfortunately unable to happen. So, we have this opportunity to perform so we can see all of our dancers on stage. I’m super excited to see all of our dancers on stage and show off everything they’ve been working on since January.  Yeah. So, it’s going to be really great. Look for all the details about time, address/location, other updates in your email.

Just to kind of summarize a couple of things, dancers are going to need to make sure they have all their costumes, all their accessories; you know hair accessories, anything. Some have wristbands, I think, and hand mitts.  But just make sure you have all of your accessories, all your costumes, and try them on make sure they’re in good repair. And yeah, that’s that.

Also, please make sure that you review the email for RSVP instructions, because we do have limited seating available. You know, with COVID requirements right now, the state has limited the gathering density, so we have limited seating available. If you haven’t already RSVP’d with your dancer’s cheering section, then please send us an email right away; because, we do have limited space available in the audience seating area. So, the people who RSVP the soonest are the ones who have the highest likelihood of getting a seat for everyone in their dancer’s cheering section. And we sure don’t want anybody to be left out, but… So, we’re hopeful that we’ll end up having enough space for everyone. But, just make sure you RSVP via email right away, just in case we do have to say that, you know limit some, some attendance. So, just make sure. That’s super important.

Also, please read and make sure that you’re familiar with all of the COVID protocol that we’re putting into place for the event. We know that a lot of times, COVID protocols are a bummer. But, even so, our goal, our intention here at Silver Creek Clogging, is to come together at this event to really celebrate our dancers and to make sure that we are all safe and healthy and just ensure that we can continue being happy and healthy and dancing and celebrating our dancers for a long time. So that’s our intention.

Please make yourself familiar with the protocols. Please RSVP if you intend to have audience for your dancer’s cheering section and, of course, email if you have any questions. You all have my email, so email me if you have any questions. Check the email that you got in your inbox last night, for all of the nitty-gritty details. Yeah?

A couple other things just to keep on your calendar.

One; Friday, September 4th is our usual first Friday open studio. So keep that, that is our exclusively for Silver Creek Clogging students and one of your member benefits.

And then, also the week of September 7th is some super, super fun. Our new, brand new, voted red, popular demand, vote of red, t-shirts will be in studio and we’ll pass around for all the students.

And then, Saturday, September 26th. Please keep that on your calendar. That’s when we actually have our theater recital scheduled. So that’s our recital that was previously scheduled for the first weekend in June; just got postponed to the last weekend in September. So, that’s September 26th. Please keep that on your calendars and we will be in touch with all the details.

And then, the next week, the following week, the week of September 28th, we are going to celebrate by wearing our crazy socks and our brand new red studio t-shirts to class. So, that’s going to be super fun.

And then, I want to make sure that you know that we are currently open enrollment for brand new clogging students. So, please share the word with all of your friends, your family, anyone who you think, or has expressed interest, in clogging. Now is the time, because as you know we only have open enrollment for three times every year. So, this is one of those times that we open enrollment for brand new beginning students and our classes start that first week of September; the week of September 7th, for brand new students. So, enrollment is on. Share the word.

And anyone who wants to have a introductory class, we do have an introductory class scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd (excuse me), that is our Discover Clogging workshop for brand new, never been clogging before, students. And it’s a really great time to experience the real joy that is clogging. Like, seriously, clogging is very unique in its energy. The energy that just fills you up, the sounds that your feet make, the real like, I don’t know… demonstrative way that your body moves with clogging. It’s just, ooh, it just gets me all lit up inside and I know it gets our students lit up inside too and everyone who watches can’t help but be happy when you’re, when you’re watching a clogger’s dance.

So that is it and it’s really exciting because, right now, you know here at Silver Creek Clogging, we have introduced a completely new style of dance to this area. Really, we are the only clogging dance studio for miles around and our students, some of our top students, the most advanced students are on the cusp of really, some super exciting things. They’re actually starting to do some really super exciting things now (toe stands and pullbacks) and it’s just really fun to watch them grow.

And I’m going to tell you what, this is my… this is what my prediction, and my confidence that I have in our students, is. That very soon, our students here at Silver Creek Clogging will be the most advanced students in the state of Oregon. The whole state of Oregon. They keep at it, they work hard, they keep moving on… Yeah, they’re rocking it. And it’s a movement that we’re starting here. It’s something that you will not find anywhere else in the area and our students are set to be leading the pack here, in the state of Oregon and I’m really excited. And I can’t wait for this movement to grow with you. So, if you’re ready to get on this new clogging movement and discover what we say when we teach dance classes…

What we mean when we say we teach Dance Classes That Make kids HappyTM‚ that’s really, really true. Clogging is uniquely joyful and happy form of dancing and we look forward to having everybody join us.

So, tell your friends and your family and look out for our very own students to be leading the pack before you know it.

And we’ll keep these communications going. We’ll give you the information how you can subscribe to our podcast as soon as possible and until then, remember…

Happy Dancing.

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