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Hi! It’s Ruth and I’m here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center, in Silverton, Oregon. This is the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM and we are here at episode 10 of What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging for the week of October 12th.

Yeah, this is a super exciting week, because this week marks the second anniversary of when we moved into this, here, our very own studio home. Before we moved here, we spent several years renting space in other halls and centers in our community and when we got to have our own space it really has been great. It’s been so wonderful just to be here in our space where we can grow our community, where it feels like our place, and we can be comfortable, and, yeah, it’s been great to be here.

So, let’s celebrate being here, this Saturday, October 17th. All of the information about times will be in your email, so check that. We’ll provide lunch, we’ll have games and, for those who want to stay a little extra, after our event, we’ll do some kind of goof-off dancing; have some fun dancing. So, yeah, just plan on that.

Please let us know if you’re gonna come, so we can make sure we have enough food for you. But, yeah, let’s have fun celebrating, laughing, dancing, playing games, and reminiscing about our adventures at Silver Creek Clogging over the years. It should be really, really fun.

Also, this week, our recital photos and our recital video are ready for you. So, you have the link, for where you can purchase your video or your photos; that’s in your email. And, of course, all dancers who participated in the recital are going to get one free digital download photo, so remember that every family is going to get that.

And one important note is that, every family is just going to get one coupon code for all the dancers in your family. So, if you have more than one dancer; let’s say you have two dancers in your family, then you’re going to get one coupon code that’s good for both photos; one for each dancer. Okay? So, it’s a one-time use code, so make sure you get all the photos you want for your dancers in that one order so that you can use that code. Okay?

Remember also that the video is available for sale there, on that website that you have in your email. The link for that’s in your email. And we got some really great photos. The video is beautiful. Yeah, so you’re gonna want to see those and get the video and the photos of your dancers. So that’s gonna be awesome. Check it out and, of course, look for a separate email with your family’s coupon code. Yeah?

Okay, so, what’s coming up?

We have, of course, this coming [Saturday] is our studio anniversary celebration.

And then, let’s see, the week of Halloween is, wear your non-scary Halloween costume to class. Okay? Yeah, that’s the very last week of the month.

And, also that very last week of the month is Halloween, the 31st, and we are participating in the community trunk-or-treat that our Chamber of Commerce is organizing. So, we have a couple of spots left for people if you want to help decorate, hand out candy, that should really – well, actually we’re not handing out candy, we’re handing out non-food treats, yeah. So, come join us for that, that should be really fun.

Remember, also, that we are not doing Autumnfest on November 7th, so just a reminder to take that off of your calendars.

And also, coming up, on November 14th, that’s a Saturday, we are hosting a Discover Clogging workshop. Yeah, this is our regular Discover Clogging workshop that we schedule periodically throughout the year; which is an introductory session for brand new, never having been clogging before, students, ages five and older. So, please spread the word.

Share the word with your family and friends, that this is their chance to discover all of the amazingness that clogging is. Yeah, so that’s coming up. We’ll keep reminding you and post that on our social media, too. So, plenty of time for people to get signed up for that.

And then Thanksgiving, the week of Thanksgiving, remember we’re not going to have classes at all that entire week, okay. So, Monday through Friday, no classes that entire week. Just make sure to remember that. We’ll remind you again of that, also.

And a kind of really, super exciting announcement that I have, that I’m actually not going to tell you about yet, is that I have some really exciting news to share. So next week we have two announcements and so look forward to hearing the info about that. I’m really excited to share them with you. Keep on the edge of your seats until then. I’m really excited.

Yeah, so those are the announcements. That’s the info we have this week at Silver Creek Clogging.

And thank you so much for being part of Silver Creek Clogging. Literally, we couldn’t be Silver Creek Clogging without you. So, we really appreciate you and we’re grateful for you.

And, I wish you happy dancing.

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