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Hi! It’s Ruth. I’m here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon; the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

And, this is, What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging for the week of October 19th.

And, unfortunately, I have a little bit of a sad story to start out with.

Which is, our party this last weekend got rained out. So bummed. And, I know our dancers were bummed, too.

But, don’t worry. We will find another day and another time to celebrate. We’re looking ahead at scheduling our party again in the future, with contingency plans for rain, just so we don’t have to cancel it again; and so, look out ahead for that. That information is going to be coming soon.

So, don’t worry. We will have a chance to celebrate together. Yeah? That’ll be exciting.

Moving on to some happier news.

Last week, I told you I was going to have an exciting announcement for you and I do. I have a really exciting announcement for you.

We, at Silver Creek Clogging, are going to be starting a scholarship program. It’s something that we have wanted to start for quite some time now and, thanks to an unexpected donation, from an outside donor, we are able to do that now.

We took a little time to consider what that gift might provide for our studio community and, in the end, decided that this scholarship program was, because we’ve been wanting to start it for a while, this was a really great chance to start that program.

So, we will be finalizing the program details and rolling them out to you very soon. It’ll include information like what the application process, is if you would like to apply for a scholarship. It’ll include if you’d like to donate to the scholarship fund, to kind of keep that fund alive. So that we can continue to connect with each other and provide for each other in that way, through the scholarship fund.

That’s gonna be a really, really great opportunity, so look for all of that information coming soon and we’ll send that like in its own message, rather than with these weekly updates just so that it doesn’t kind of get your email doesn’t get, uh… Anyway, we’ll send it in its own message. How about that?

Then, remember that your recital photos, your recital video, they are for sale online. Yeah, so you can go online. The link to the website is in your email. Remember that each family, if your dancer participated in the recital at the end of September, your family got a coupon code in the email. So, look for that coupon code. If, for some reason, it didn’t come through, get in touch right away so we can get that to you.

And just remember that the coupon codes expire on November 14th, so make sure, that’s what like three weeks-ish away, so make sure to use that coupon code before it expires, okay?

Yeah, coming up next week… Super excited! Wear your Halloween, your non-scary Halloween, costume to class next week. I already have my costume all picked out and I can’t wait to see yours. I’m super excited and looking forward to that.

Also, next week, is actual Halloween day and we are going to be participating on Saturday, Halloween, in our community trunk-or-treat. We still have a couple of spots available, if a couple people want to help and join us to pass out candy, just (or actually non-food treats)let us know and we’ll give you all the info.

And, let’s see, let’s see, first Friday, November 6th; stay tuned. We will let you know what’s going to be happening on first Friday in November as soon as possible.

And, Saturday, November 14th is our brand new, never having been clogging before, workshop; Discover Clogging. And all of the information is on our website And tell your friends tell, your family, anybody who wants to join us for that workshop.

And, actually, we have that workshop on November 14th, we also have a workshop scheduled in December and another one scheduled in January, so we have lots of opportunities for people to come and clomp away and join us for clogging fun.

Yeah, so lots of fun stuff happening at Silver Creek Clogging.

Love it!

You guys are awesome and I can’t wait for all the good, fun times ahead.
Remember, we will let you know when we’ve rescheduled the anniversary party and, then, we’ll let you know about all of the scholarship program details as soon as those are finalized.

And, until then…
Happy Dancing!

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