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Hey, everybody! It’s Ruth and I’m here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon; the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids Happy.

This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging for the week of November 2nd. And, whoa! Can you believe that it’s already November? Yeah, me neither. But, it is and here we are, yeah.

But last week, which was still in October, we had a whole lot of fun. We got to see a lot of super fun Halloween costumes in our classes. That’s always really, really fun; to see everybody’s costumes. It’s just a lot of good, happy energy and I really, really always love the Halloween costume week.

And, we also participated in our community trunk-or-treat, which was also a lot of fun. So, yeah, I had tons of fun last week and I hope you did too, and here we are on to November. Yeah.

First, right out of the gate, I just want to say we have rescheduled our anniversary celebration to this Saturday. So, this Saturday, November 7th, okay. We’re gonna have it at the studio and you have all of the details, time and all of that, in your email. And, yeah, so just come to the studio this Saturday to party it up. Yeah?

I want to talk a little bit about our weather contingency. So, in case of inclement weather we will still be at the studio. It’s just, in looking at the forecast, it looks like it may be rainy or potentially a little chilly but, in any case we’ll just move our party inside.

I’ve mapped out a seating chart so that dancers in the same family can be grouped together, sit together, and then we’ll have enough space to spread everybody out around the perimeter of the dance floor and maintain our appropriate physical distance. And so, that should be really fun. We’ll open the doors and the windows, and if we need to crank up the heater we will, but that’s our plan.

We’ll get RSVP’s in classes this week and then we’ll see you on Saturday. Should be a lot of fun. Yeah? Yeah. I think so too. So, I’m super excited about it.

We also have our practicer of the month. So, I just want to remind you that October was the first month we started our new and improved practicer of the month recognition. So, all along this month, erm last month in October, students have been logging into TeacherZone and tracking their practice days and we counted up all the practice days for all the students last month and we have the top three practicers (which are Amy, Sydney and Teresa) and in classes this week we’ll have one of our classes do a drawing from those three and we’ll see who the winner is. Yeah? And we’ll announce that on our social media later this week; so that should be really fun. So, keep an eye out for that. That should be fun. We’ll see who our winner for practicer of the month is for October and they’ll get to choose a prize from the prize box. Should be good.

Also, I do just want to remind you that your coupon code for your free photo from our September recital is expiring on November 14th. That is next Saturday, so not even two weeks away. So, just be sure, if you want to get your photo, you go online and you get it A.S.A.P., okay. All the info is in your email; just one more reminder for you.

And, then, coming up on our studio calendar:

Also Saturday, November 14th, we have our Discover Clogging workshop. This is a workshop that’s for brand new, never having been clogging before, students. We have availability for students ages five all the way up to adult. And, not only do we have this workshop scheduled in November, but we have workshops scheduled in December and January too. I believe December 5th and January 9th, I think. Saturdays in December and January.

So, please spread the word. Tell everybody how much you love clogging and just remind them that they will not get clogging anywhere else. They’re only going to get it at Silver Creek Clogging, so spread the word. There we go.

Also, in November, coming up, is Thanksgiving and the studio will be closed. No classes the entire week of Thanksgiving; so, that’s the week of November 23rd. So, just be ready for that; be prepared for that.

The week of December 14th, we’re gonna do a wear your ugly sweater to class week. That should be really fun. So, you know a lot of people have ugly holiday sweaters and that’s what we’re gonna do. And, we know that sweaters can be a little bit hot when you’re clogging up a storm, so feel free to wear your t-shirt and it doesn’t even have to be ugly. It can be a happy, fun, attractive holiday sweater or t-shirt, or whatever. Should be really fun.

In December, just one more reminder about studio closure, we’re gonna be closed for winter break. No regular classes the weeks of December 21st and 28th. So, just remember that.

And, then, we will have on New Year’s Day, that’s first Friday in January, so we’ll have a first Friday event on New Year’s Day, okay. So, keep an eye out for that. That should be really fun. We can celebrate Happy New Year with clogging, yeah.

And, then January, into next year, 16th, January 16th (it’s a Saturday), that is our winter showcase recital. Please remember that. Be prepared for that. We’re going to be having costumes coming in for that very soon. So, please make sure to have that on your calendar.

Also, please keep on your calendar February 9th, no February 6th, February 6th and then also the following weekend, February 12th and 13th, those are our competition weekends. February 6th will be in Portland and February 12th and 13th will be in Boise, so please keep those dates on your calendar and be prepped for that.

And, lastly, I just want to tell you, this has been (I guess am not telling you anything you don’t know.), but this has been a really difficult year. 2020. Who would have ever thought that we would be facing the challenges that we have and are currently and will probably continue to be facing into next year? Who would have known? Yeah.

I want you guys to know – this is to everyone in our Silver Creek Clogging community; all of the parents of our students, all of the grandparents of our students, our students, aunts and uncles, siblings, everybody out there.

Remember you, yes you, are amazing. You are doing great, fantastic, fabulously and I appreciate you. Yeah, take that. It’s true.

And, happy dancing!

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