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Hi. It’s Ruth and I’m here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon; home of Dance classes that Make Kids Happy.

This is, What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging, the week of November 16th, and before we get into our usual information and updates I want to make sure that you got two off schedule announcements that came to you via email on Friday, all right.

The first one was about classes this week, through the week after Thanksgiving.

In case you haven’t heard, our Governor has implemented a “pause” to help slow the rapid spread of COVID-19 in our area and, because of that, we’ve decided we’re going to have classes online starting this week all the way through the end of the week after Thanksgiving.

So, here’s the schedule that we have planned: So, this week, which is of course the week of November 16th, all of our classes are going to be online.

Next week, which is the week of Thanksgiving, we already have that week scheduled off, so we’re just gonna keep that scheduled off.

And then, the following week, the week after Thanksgiving, it’s the week that starts with November 30th, we will also hold classes online that entire week.

Students can join their class by signing into their TeacherZone dashboard and they’ll click on the link to join classes from their TeacherZone dashboard.

And, if you have any questions just get in touch with the studio right away. Yeah, that’s it. So, yeah, we’ll hold classes online.

Of course, if there’s any update or anything changes we will be in touch as soon as possible and that’s that.

We also want to make sure that you got the information about our Student Support Program. We’ve been looking to roll this out for a little while. We finally got all the program details finalized and we sent you an email about that on Friday afternoon, as well, so check your email.

But, we do want to let you know that that program is live. There’s two parts to the program.

The first part is donations. We did receive a kind, generous donation from an outside donor and that is what has enabled us to start that program. So, we do have some initial funding in that program.

Ongoing, the program will be kept alive and maintained by donations.

And, then also, the second part of the program, of course, is awards (support for our students) and students can apply for support.

There’s an application, that is linked to your email, so you can get that application there, and then there’s also, on our web page, our Silver Creek Clogging webpage, a way to donate and you can get the link for that in your email as well. So, you can go directly to that page to donate to the program to help continue to support our students.

So, what I do want to say about the program is, that I really hope that you guys will not be shy about supporting each other through this program; both by giving to the program through donations and applying for support through the program. That’s what it’s there for.

It’s my hope that this program will be a way for our community to be able to come together and support each other in times of need.

So please don’t be shy. Please donate. Please apply for support.

And, so long as there continues to be funding, then we’ll be able to keep that program alive and continue to help support each other.

So, of course, let me know if you have any questions on that as well.

And then, here’s on to our info and announcements.

One, the main announcement that we have is recital photos.

So, last Friday was – or last Saturday was supposed to be the last day for your coupon code; but, I did have a couple of people reach out to me and tell me that their coupon code wasn’t working.

When I got in touch with the photographer, I learned that their website had undergone some scheduled maintenance that was automatic and part of that maintenance resulted in some difficulty with the coupon codes.

So, all of the coupon codes have been fixed. They’re ready to go and that trouble is no longer.

So, there’s been an extension. There’s a one-week extension to use your coupon code. So, you have now until this Saturday the 21st to use those coupon codes, all right.

So, make sure to use them if you want your photos and there you have it.

If you have any questions, of course, get in touch.

And, on to the studio calendar and upcoming events.

Next week, remember no classes. We don’t have any classes the week of Thanksgiving. That is that.

And then, Friday, December 4th, that is the first Friday in December, we are going to have a first Friday workshop. It’ll be online and we’ll be learning a holiday routine. Yeah, that’ll be fun.

Since we don’t have a holiday recital, we do our recital usually in January, we haven’t performed a lot of winter holiday dances; so, we’re gonna do one for a workshop. It will be really fun.

More details to come about time and how to join and all of that; so, keep your eye out for that.

Also, I want to let you know, the first Saturday in December, which is the 5th, we’re going to be hosting a Discover Clogging workshop. This is an introductory class. We do get people asking, on occasion, if we have introductory classes or trial classes and this is it.

Our Discover Clogging workshop is our introductory, or trial, class. So, if you’re a beginner and you’ve never been clogging before and you want to discover how amazing clogging is, this is your chance.

We are making plans to hold our December 5th workshop online, virtually; so, just so you know that we’re doing what we can to keep safe.

And then, if you can’t make it on the 5th, we have a workshop scheduled the beginning of January as well. So, spread the word, let people know. Let your family and friends know that this is the time to discover just how amazing clogging is, all right.

We’re gonna do something new this year, the week of December 14th, it’s gonna be wear your ugly holiday sweater or t-shirt to class. And, like I’ve said before, it doesn’t actually have to be ugly; it could just be some holiday festive something. T-shirt or sweater or just something fun, to just cheer us up and get us in the holiday spirit before we take off for winter break, which starts the very next week.

So, the weeks of December 21st and 28th we will not have any classes in the studio; it will be winter break, so we’re going to take off.

But, during winter break we do have New Year’s Day and New Year’s Day this year happens to be first Friday. So, we’ll be having a holiday, New Year’s Day clogging workshop on first Friday. Keep tuned for more information about that.

I think it will be really, really fun to celebrate New Year with clogging. Yeah, let’s do it 2020, it’s gonna be our year. Or sorry, 2021, yeah that’s gonna be the year. Yeah, all right, here we are.

So, let’s see, Saturday, January 16th, please keep that on your calendar. That is the date of our winter showcase recital. It’s an all-day situation, because we have the dress rehearsal in the morning, we have a break for lunch, and then we have our recital in the early evening/late afternoon. So, keep that day on your calendar. I’m really looking forward to having the performance.

And then, we also have competition. Competition is going to be in February. We have the first weekend in February, which is February 6th, a Saturday, that’s our competition in Portland.

And then, the following weekend, which it’ll be Friday, the 12th and Saturday, the 13th, that’ll be in Boise. So, just keep those days on your calendars.

And, I know that, at least I feel like, life is just really hard right now; so unsettled and it feels like it can change on the drop of a hat. And, I’m really, really glad that we have a lot of stuff to look forward to on our clogging calendar; because, it’s just really nice to have some positive things to look forward to.

I’m also really, really glad that we have an amazing studio community. I just feel like these are the kinds of times that it’s nice to have the community that we do; which is a community that lifts each other up, encourages each other, supports each other and brings happiness in when we need it – when there are the times that we need it.

And, I’m just really grateful for you guys, in our studio community, because that’s the kind of community you are.

Thank you so much for being a part of Silver Creek Clogging. Thank you so much for the positive, supportive and happy energy that you bring to me and your fellow students and your fellow instructors, every single week.

I really appreciate you and I wish you happy dancing.

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