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Hi, everyone! It’s Ruth and I’m here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon.

This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging, the week of December 14th.

Wow! It feels like December just started a minute ago and now it’s almost Christmas already.

Time is sure flying and this is the last week of classes before we take our two-week winter break. So, this week to kind of just spice things up a little bit, bring a little fun and joy to our lives, we’re going to be wearing our holiday attire to class. It should be fun.

So, you can wear your ugly sweater, your ugly t-shirt, your pretty sweater, your attractive t-shirt, your goofy anything. I have something fun all picked out to wear for classes. It should be really, really fun.

I like just bringing some cheer to our lives. I think that’s really awesome. So, that’s this week.

I want to remind you that competition sign ups are due by Thursday January 7th, it’s a Thursday, the first Thursday in January, and we have competition the first two weekends in February.

The link for the sign up form is in your email, so check for that.

Team Dynamite is required to participate in the Portland competition and for everyone else it’s optional.

I know that there are some of you planning to do solos this year, I think there’s a duet or two, so it should be really fun. Just make sure to get your sign up form in by the 7th.

I also want to say that we are doing our dance and dream sessions again this year. This has been a fun thing that we’ve done every year, and it’s a really great time for each student to meet with their instructor one-on-one; to do some dreaming, to think about what you want to bring into your clogging in the year ahead, and kind of set a plan – set some goals – for how you can realize your intention for clogging next year.

We’ll also take some time to look back on what your goals were for this year and celebrate everything that you achieved, look at maybe what you want to do differently this coming year; maybe nothing – maybe it’s a good chance to just kind of refresh and renew.

So, start thinking about that. Think about what it is that you want to bring to your clogging next year. Do you want to bring more fun? Do you want to move to the next skill level? Do you want to work on perfecting some specific techniques? Think about that and we’ll make a plan together that you can follow for this coming year.

I know that this year has a little bit gone off the rails, so I think it would be good to reflect and on everything that you have accomplished. Because, each and every one of our dancers has really grown a lot this year; I think in some ways significant growth, more than in other years. So, yeah, let’s take some time to reflect, recognize, celebrate and then look ahead to next year, all right?

The sign up sheet for your dance and dream sessions are in your emails. So, go ahead and click on the link, and you can choose from any of the available times, and then we’ll set up student’s dashboard, or their TeacherZone dashboard, with their online lesson link.

Remember, these sessions are free. They don’t cost anything extra. They’re already included in your tuition, so just make sure to sign up for one of your free dance and dream sessions.

These are always a lot of fun. The students who participate in these, every year, just really say how much fun they are and how they really have enjoyed them.

So, get your spot for the last week of December. There are several days and times open and just make sure to get your spot.

So, for what’s coming up at Silver Creek Clogging, on the calendar we have this week, of course, wear your holiday attire to class.

And then the next two weeks after that, the week of December 21st and the week of December 28th, we don’t have any regular classes.

However, the last week of December, into January, we will be doing our dance and dream sessions. So, that’s happening even though we don’t have regular classes.

And then, on New Year’s Day we’re going to be having our first Friday open studio and we’ll do a little bit of a celebration, a New Year’s Day celebration. So, that will really be fun. Just check for that. We’re gonna ring the new year in with a fun New Year celebration, so be prepped for that.

Also, please keep on your calendar and let your friends and family know that on Saturday, January 9th we have a Discover Clogging workshop. This is going to be an online workshop that will be for any student who wants to learn anything about clogging.

So, please share the word. Tell your friends and family this is their chance to discover how amazing clogging is. And, it’s a great trial lesson, because we have classes for new students starting the next week or two after that.

So, this is a really good introduction/trial class so that, before people sign up, they can check it out.

So, let your friends and family know about that, that’s on Saturday, January 9th.

Please also keep on your calendar Saturday, January 16th. I know there’s a lot up in the air, with COVID, these days. But, please keep on your calendar the 16th of January for our winter showcase recital. There you go.

And also, please keep on your calendars Saturday, February 6th for our Portland competition. And then the following weekend, Friday and Saturday the 12th and 13th, in Boise.

So, we have some fun stuff coming up. Lots of fun coming up. But, for this week, I hope you have just a fantastic week and I wish you happy dancing.

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