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Hey everybody. Hi! Hey, it’s Ruth and I’m here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon. Hey and this is our weekly What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging.  And, I decided maybe I should start calling this Ruth’s Ramblings because I, I tend to kind of ramble a little bit. But anyway, it’s weekly happenings, what’s going on at Silver Creek Clogging.

And the first thing I want to say is yesterday, (oh my gosh), yesterday was so much fun.  We had our summer outdoor recital on stage. Super thanks to the Oregon Crafters market for the use of their stage and facilities. It was so amazing to have that experience together, with our dancers and our studio families. It was really great. And even though we were missing a few dancers, we were really glad it was… For me, it just warmed my heart to see all our dancers on stage. It’s been way too long since we’ve had an actual stage performance with costumes and boy it was really awesome.

A couple of highlights for me were seeing our brave solo dancers who did routines all by themselves. Super proud of the youngsters that just fully rocked it on stage. So fun to watch them. They, even though we had masks on and we couldn’t see smiles, we definitely could see some good energy in their body language.

Of course, it was fun for me, in specific, because I got to dance with one of our adult students. And, it’s just kind of different when you are a part of a team. And it was really nice to be, yeah, to be part of a team, because I don’t usually get to dance with our students and it’s, it’s really fun for me when I do. So that was awesome.

Also, our most advanced youth dancers, Team Blaze and Team Dynamite; oh my gosh they are awesome.  They were just synchronized, so much power in their steps, so much power in their movements. Boy, it was really, really fun to watch those ladies dance. Yeah, they were they were great.

It was great to see how many families came to just cheer our dancers. It really it makes a performance when you can see some warm and friendly faces out in the audience; people you know, who are there to cheer you on ahead of time and to congratulate you after your routines are over.

It’s just… Thank you. Thank you so much for coming to support our dancers and it’s really awesome. It means the world to us.

And one thing I almost forgot to say was backstage. So, we had a lots of COVID protocols last night. And thank you so much to everyone for just really just being careful and respecting each other and helping us have a really great time to do what we were there for, which is to celebrate the, celebrate our dancers. But, anyway I’m getting off track. See, rambling.

And, one of the things COVID didn’t get to take away from us was our backstage experience. You know, there’s just something special about being backstage with the performers. There’s just, you know, it’s just thrilling. There’s a lot of jitters; there’s a lot of excitement; there’s all that energy that comes with, before you dance; and all the energy that comes after you dance; and all the you know flurry, flurry, flurry of costume changes; and the excited chatter; and the team, the team feeling; and it’s just really, really fun to be backstage; and it was fun to be backstage last night, too. I really enjoyed that.

Thank you again, so much, everyone who came to celebrate and congratulate our dancers. They’ve…  It’s been a really interesting year. And, I think it was… I felt like it was a really great, great time to get together and just take time to, to give them the congratulations and celebration that they deserve. So, thank you so much again for coming.

I also want to just remind you guys that we’re going to change we… This is a change to the way that we are communicating with you. So, as per usual, you’re gonna get a weekly email. Except that we’re gonna be sure to send it out every Monday evening, right around the same time so you can really count on when it’s going to come to your inbox. In addition, you’re going to get a video update. You’re going to get a podcast update. If you go to the email that you got 8:00pm Monday night (which was last night), you will see links to our social media accounts, where you’ll be able to see the video. You’ll also be able to see a link to where you can subscribe to the podcast, where the audio for our weekly updates are gonna be residing and so that’ll be great.

I think what I would recommend (which is one thing that’s really super easy), subscribe to the podcast. You can listen to that, 10 – 15 minutes, while you’re driving to and from the store and get pretty much all the information you’re gonna need. And then for any specific information that is for members only, then we’ll tell you for sure to go back to your email so you can refer to that information there. Such as, the link to subscribe to the podcast, the links to all our social media accounts where the video will be posted. So anyway, that’s that.

And then I do want to mention that, last week we sent out an email asking you for your feedback. We would love to hear from you about, boy this has been a crazy year and we’ve been working hard to keep our dancers dancing when we weren’t able to have classes in studio and then we’ve been working hard to keep things safe for our dancers now that we’re back in the studio. And we would really love to hear from you how you feel things have gone for you and your dancer. Specifically, now that we’re back in the studio. Do you feel safe sending your dancer here? Is there something that we could do to, you know, help improve what we’re doing? We would love to hear any feedback that you have, so that we can consider that and whether it’s something that we need to follow up on to incorporate into our processes. We would really appreciate that.

Another thing we would really appreciate is hearing from you, if there’s anything that we could do to help you during the crazy months that are going to come ahead. Especially for school starting, we have parents in our classes with school age kids and we have school age kids in our classes and would really be nice to know if there’s something that we could do to help you and support you in the crazy times that are going to be ahead. Some kind of ideas that I’ve been bouncing around in my mind are, potentially changing class times to daytime classes so that if that’s easier for you. Maybe we want to just keep the class times; maybe it’s easier for you just to have the class times that you have and this is scheduled it’s set, you don’t have to worry about it and then you can figure out all the other scheduling that goes… that’s kind of up in the air. So just a couple of things. Would it be helpful to open our studio sometimes during the day for our school age kids who maybe need to get out of the house for study? You know, of course, social distancing; use the internet here; bring your tablets or your laptops or whatever to do a little bit studying but maybe be in the vicinity of other… your, you know, your teammates, your classmates other, dancers at the studio. Or maybe those things aren’t helpful at all. Maybe there would be something else that we can consider doing for our studio family families and we would just really love to hear if there’s anything you can think of that we could do to help you and support you during the crazy times that are ahead. So, let us know if you haven’t already, we would really love to hear from you.

And then a couple of things just to keep on your calendar. This Saturday, August 22nd, we have a Discover Clogging workshop that’s for brand new students. So, if you know anyone who’s interested in discovering how amazing things are here at Silver Creek Clogging, spread the word.

And then, also, we have enrollment going on for brand new students. So that August 22nd workshop is a really great time to check it out, to just get an introduction to the amazingness of clogging and then you can enroll for classes that are going to start the week of Labor Day. So that’s that. Send people to those links, to our website, if they want to check that out.

We’d love more families just like you, here at Silver Creek Clogging, because we love our studio families and we would just, it would be amazing if we had a million families just like the ones we have now. So, spread the word and keep our community growing.

Also, Friday, September 4th, first Friday in September, we’re gonna have open studio. Of course, weather depending. We’ll dance outside.

And then that week of September 7th, the week that brand new students start, we get our new red studio t-shirts. Woohoo!

And we have still on the calendar, the last Saturday in September, is our theater recital and we will fill you in on all the details in your email coming up.

And then, of course, the week after our theater recital, the very last week of September into October, we’re gonna wear crazy socks and our red studio t-shirts to just celebrate and be goofy after our theater recital. It’s gonna be awesome.

And, just a heads up, anyone who starts that first week in September, the September 7th, I expect they will have a role in our recital; a routine to do in our studio recital at the end of September. So, keep that on your mind.

And, then you know just this last little while (I think I’ve said this before), I have just been realizing that our most advanced dancers are on the verge of being, like seriously, the most advanced dancers in our whole state. So, I’m sure you guys noticed that at our recital last night. They, they’re looking good. And I’m super excited about our brand new up and coming dancers who are, like, right on their heels. So awesome. And I just know that as they keep doing what they’re doing, and keep working hard, keep celebrating all their hard work, that they’re gonna… they’re, they’re gonna be the ones to beat. And, I’m really excited that they are going to be the trendsetters in our area. So, that’s really awesome.

So, thank you. Thank you again. This is your weekly update, What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging, Ruth’s Ramblings.

Thanks, so much, for being part of Silver Creek Clogging. We love our studio families so much. We just appreciate how much you support your dancers and us. And, again, if there’s something specific that you can think of that we can do to support you, especially right now during this super crazy time, we would really love to know it. So, please provide your feedback, some information for us, that will help us make some decisions. And, yeah.

We love you and, of course, we wish you happy dancing.

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