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Hi, it’s Ruth. I’m here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon; the Home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

It’s What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging, the week of January 4th. Yeah, Happy New Year! Woohoo!

We are in 2021. I hope you enjoyed a really, amazing holiday with your loved ones.

And, gosh, it feels like we’re only a few days into the new year and things are off to a running start. It’s awesome!

Right off the bat, I have a couple of announcements to share; super important.

First, due to the COVID restrictions that are currently in place here in our county, we are continuing to hold classes online. So, we’ll definitely keep you updated as new information’s released. But, for now, just prepare to continue classes online for the near future.

Second, super, super sad news. I got an email on Friday and it confirmed that competition in Portland has been cancelled for February. So, very sad.

Even so, Boise is still on. So, that’s the second weekend in February. For anyone who is planning to go to that, please let me know.

And, just remember that your competition sign-up forms are due this Thursday, the 7th. You have a link for that in your email.

And we have we have competition entry vouchers for our year-round students (they get competition entry vouchers with tuition), so those vouchers are good for the Portland competition which, as you know, has just been cancelled. So, we’re going to make those vouchers good for any America OnStage competition in 2021. So, there’s tons of options; one is Boise and we will chat about the other options that are coming up this spring, including nationals in May. So, we’ll keep talking about those options and then we can decide which events we’re going to participate in, okay?

So, those are kind of the really important – like just make sure you know: online lessons for the time being and no February Portland competition.

But, we are back to lessons this week, so that’s going to be super fun and we have our top three practicers of the month for December and they are Sydney, Teresa and Amy.

And, those three are going to have their names entered into a prize drawing and one of our classes this week is going to pick from the drawing, to see who’s going to win our practicer of the month prize for December. Yeah? I love that, that’s a super fun time.

So, what’s coming up? What is coming up is, right now this very day, enrollment is open for new student classes. So, we open enrollment for new students to enter three times a year. January is one of those times and we’re accepting new enrollments. We have early bird pricing in effect as of right now and it ends midnight on January 9th. So, you want to get in on the early bird. Just enroll and student new student classes start the week of January 18th.

If you want to try a class before you sign up, a really good way to do that is with our Discover Clogging workshop, so anybody who wants to try it out and then decide if they want to sign up can come to our January 9th, which is a Saturday, Discover Clogging workshop.

We have a few options, depending on age range, so please tell those things to your family and friends; that enrollment on right now, early bird closes the ninth, and anyone who wants to try it out can come to our Discover Clogging introductory workshop/trial class on January 9th.

Those are the things.  All the info is online –; they can figure it out there. So, just let them know.

And then, please keep on your calendar January 16th, Saturday. That is the day for our winter showcase recital and dress rehearsal. And, it’s looking like we are not going to have be able to have an indoor performance; but, please still keep that day on your calendar because we are currently in process of planning to have an outdoor performance.

So, we’re still making all of the final details and planning, so we’re going to have all the information to come very soon; because that’s only in a couple of weeks from now.

But, please keep that day on your calendar; Saturday, January 16th.

Also, please keep on your calendar Friday and Saturday, February 12th and 13th, that’s Boise competition. Although that is not a required competition this year, it is something that it’s available for anyone who wants to participate.

So, please, if you’re going to sign up for the Boise competition, those enrollments are due this Thursday, January 7th. And, again, you can use your competition – your coupon vouchers for the entries to get a couple of free entries to that, okay?

So, those are the announcements that we have to share with you this week.

And, hey, it’s 2021. Yeah, woohoo! I am feeling all kinds of hope and positivity about this year. I know we’re still in the thick of things, but I just have this feeling inside that it’s going to be a really great year. I’m super excited about it. I hope you are too. And, here we go.

Wishes for a 20-20-20 (whatever I said there).

Wishes for a 2021 full of happy dancing.

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