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Hey everybody. It’s Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon; it’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of January 11th. This is an exciting, exciting week, because this Saturday, January 16th, is our winter showcase recital and I’m super excited. Well, for not the least, because we get to actually have our recital, which is awesome.

So, because of COVID, we do have some protocols. This recital is going to look a little different than we are used to. So, of course in your email, that you got last night, all of the details are there; the full schedule, all the protocols, and everything. But, just to kind of summarize a few of the key points:

One, first and foremost, if you are sick (whether you’re a dancer or an audience member) don’t come, okay? So, if you’re feeling ill at all, please don’t come. And, if you’re a dancer, of course just let us know as soon as you can so that we can plan for that.

Also, masks are going to be required all of the time, okay? So, dancers will have masks on when they’re on stage, when they’re getting ready to dance, all of that. Audience members will wear masks at all times as well. And, yeah, so that’s that.

Also, this year we, instead of just running through our program start to finish at the dress rehearsal we, have scheduled a time for each class; 15 to 20-minute segments for each class, depending on how many numbers they’re doing and so forth. So, your class time is in the email and we’ll review those class times, also, during our classes this week.

But, you will show up at the recital location (which is in your email) at your class’s assigned time.

And, we’ve done our best to have family members, of the same family, have their time slots back-to-back so that they can just come and dance their routines, and parents won’t have to you know keep shuttling every 20 minutes for their family members. So, just know that, that your students should have their time slots back-to-back, if they’re in the same family. If you have a question about the time schedule, just let us know and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Another thing that we’re doing differently, for the performance, is… We’re going to have a canopy, a big tent, that the dancers will dance under and we’ll practice that all through for the dress rehearsal so that we’ve we’re comfortable with how that’s going to go at the dress rehearsal.

And then, during the performance, what we’re going to do is ask that all dancers remain with their families until it’s their turn to dance and then we will have each class perform all of their routines just back-to-back, and that way we’ll minimize interactions between dancers coming and going off stage and all of that.

So, the performance itself will also be just a little different than we’re used to. Usually, we try to mix it up so that we can get a little, you know, variety between numbers. This time you’re going to be able to see it’s a little… It’ll be just a little bit different, so just be aware of that.

For family members who are going to come to watch, what we’re doing is we have a limit on the number of people per family. So, just RSVP to us by Thursday. Please RSVP to us by Thursday. We will have one designated spot per family, where you will park your car. You will watch from your car (your automobile) and/or right in front of your automobile. If you want to bring some chairs, you can sit in front of your car. But, we’re going to have cars kind of staggered, and with space between, so that people can see if they want to view from their car and if they want to sit right in front of their car, so they can hear a little bit better, that will be fine too.

So, we’ll have a seating chart of who sits where and so we’ve got that all mapped out. Please RSVP. If you don’t RSVP, we won’t be able to incorporate you into our seating chart, okay?

I think those are the key points. For all of the details, please check your email from last night; for the time schedule, for when your class is going to attend dress rehearsal, for the time for the performance, all of that. Just please check your emails and then, that is it.

Just one really quick announcement is that, we do have enrollment open right now for brand new dancers. Classes for new students will start next week. So, if you know anyone who you think is tired of the same old kind of dance class and wants to try something new, unique, and different, and be one of the trendsetters (like you), have them sign up for Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM and that start next week.

There you have it. Yeah, those are the announcements from me.

Here we go. We are racing into the new year with our recital. I’m super excited to see everybody dancing this Saturday on stage. Please let me know if you have any questions between now and then.

And, until then, happy dancing.

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