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Hi everyone. It’s Ruth and I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging dance and movement center, in Silverton, Oregon; the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of January 25th.

At the very top of the list for updates and information this week is… drumroll… we are changing our studio phone number. The old phone number is going to be phased out over the next few weeks and we will be using the following new phone number: 503-874-6458. You can reach us either by voice or text or both (but not at the same time) at that number.

Yeah, so just remember, we’re phasing out that old number and this is our new number starting today; so, just start using that number.

Also, we’re going to be introducing some, kind of, formal office hours/administration hours at the studio. We haven’t had formal office and administration hours at the studio, so we’re gonna start implementing those now.

So, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we will be having office/administration hours from 9:00am to 5:00pm and on Tuesday and Thursday it’s from 9:00am to 3:00pm. So, those are the hours during which we’ll be regularly monitoring and responding to messages, emails, phone calls and so forth. So, just keep that in mind and make note of that.

Also, one thing that we’re… one of our goals in making this change is to be able to give you a more, like, overall well-rounded, customer service experience.

So as part of that… that’s what this change is and this change is going to enable us to have more than one person monitoring and responding to phone calls and text messages. So, just know that it won’t always be me responding to you guys.

So, we’re hopeful that that will help us achieve our goal of improving our customer service and hopefully you guys will let us know, give us some feedback on, how well we’re meeting that goal for you.

So, just remember, update your contact info/your address book for Silver Creek Clogging with our brand-new number: 503-874-6458, okay?

Next update: Boise competition. We received an update yesterday, with a ton of information about how the Boise competition is going to be run for COVID protocol and I’ve emailed you kind of a summary of some of the key points for that.

So, just really quickly, a couple of updates:

They’re doing studio blocks. So, each studio will come at their assigned time, will perform all of their routines (solos, duets, everything) during the studio block. Then, they will leave and the next studio will come in.

So, they’ll have an award ceremony at the end of the whole competition. They’ll be running that online, on a livestream on their Facebook page (America Onstage Facebook page). So, you can watch that.

And, a couple of other things: Audience. They’re limited as to audience that can be allowed in the venue and that’s based on COVID protocols and maximum occupancy numbers and so forth. So, as of now, they are allowing dancers, directors, instructors, coaches and that’s all. So, we will be able to set up our video/iPad to get a video and so we can share the video with you. They will attempt to livestream all of the performances but, because of music copyright, there are a lot of times when the Facebook will kind of kick off or delete the livestream if the music is not allowed per the copyright. So, you can watch on their Facebook page for the livestream. But, just know, in case there’s any trouble, we will be recording it.

For COVID protocols, masks are going to be required at all times by everyone who is at the venue. The only exception is for dancers when they are on stage. You have the option to dance without a mask while you are on stage. Just know that that’s not necessarily a requirement, but it is an option. So, that’s the only place and the only time when masks will not be required. All other times you will have to wear a mask. So (dancers, coaches, instructors, directors), everybody will wear masks at all times, except if you choose not to wear one while you’re on stage.

A couple of other things they’re gonna have as part of their studio blocks: They’re gonna have everybody… they’ve got like a choreographed movement through the venue to allow for COVID safety protocols.

So, we will arrive at a pre-designated location, at our pre-designated time. They will have a representative who will meet us there and take us on to the next location, where we are performing some of our events we’ll perform. Then, we will stop and we’ll move on to another of our events we’ll perform. We’ll stop and then we’ll move on to the end, where they will give us our results and our awards as a studio, there, and then we will leave.

So, the detail of all of that is on the on the email that I sent to you guys yesterday.

If we have any awards to pick up at at the end of the competition. We will get pick those up at the end of the time Saturday, at the conclusion of the competition, for any overall awards. But, most of the awards, like for individual events and what place we got for our individual events, we’ll get those right at the conclusion of our block. But, for the whole competition event, we’ll go pick up any awards that we win at the end of the whole competition. So, that’s the deal, there.

Again, studio blocks. Right now, we have been scheduled a studio block for Friday, February 12th. That is still subject to change. That’s the preliminary time right now. They’re still doing some final tweaks to the schedule. So, just heads up that, as they finalize the schedule it could change and we will update you with the final time as soon as we have it.

And we, here as a studio, are going to be hosting a competition preparation/question and answer session via video conference. That’s set for Saturday, February 6th and the time’s to be determined. But, at this point, we’re planning to set aside 45 minutes to an hour to just kind of review what’s happening, get us prepared for the live, in person session at Boise, and answer any questions that you have.

Even if you are not planning to attend Boise this year, you are still welcome to attend, if you would like to (you know) sit in and kind of get your mind all ready and prepared for next year. So, if you’re kind of thinking you might want to go to Boise next year, you’re welcome to attend. But, for sure those who are attending, this is the time for parents and students to get your questions answered. And, by that time, we will have the final schedule and we’ll have a lot more information. So, that will be a good time for the question and answer session, okay?

Yeah, so those are the main updates this week. I did want to mention something that’s not on your studio email.

I’ve talked a lot about this recently but, holy smokes, it has been a long, hard year. And, it’s been a very, very hard year for the studio, as a business; and it’s been a struggle.

And, I know that for you guys also, individually, it hasn’t been easy either. I know that we are getting tired of the restrictions and the protocols. And, it’s hard to have lessons online all the time. And, I know also that it’s hard, especially (I know it’s hard for me and so I imagine it’s hard for you guys, as well.) when you’re seeing other studios who are continuing to hold classes in person.

Just know that we as a studio, at Silver Creek Clogging, we have decided to comply with the guidance that our state has issued as best as we can. And, right now, that guidance prohibits indoor dance, even for youth programs.

So, although it is hard for us as a studio business to carry on and to maintain our business in that mode of operation, and we know also that it’s difficult for our dancers who would much rather be in the studio together, dancing together, that is the decision that we have made for the safety and the health – not just of you as our studio community but – for our community as a whole.

And, as much as we can we are… You know, we were able to host our winter showcase outside. We’ve done a practice outside. As much as we can continue to come together in a safe way and maintaining compliance with the guidance that our public health officials have issued for the safety of our community, we will. Definitely. Please know that.

Please also know that we understand that it’s hard and that it’s tiring and that you are definitely on our minds. You are super important to me, personally, and our studio as a whole.

And, thank you for the effort that you make to keep positive, keep dancing, keep moving and to support the health and safety of everyone in our community.

So, that is that, a little impromptu something that is not in your studio email, that I just have been feeling called to share with you.

So, what’s on the studio calendar/upcoming events?

So, please keep all of the following dates on your calendars:

Next Friday, February 5th is our first Friday open studio. So, please keep that on your calendar. More details to come.

Please also, for those interested and participating in competition in Boise, February 6th is a super important day.

1) we will be having our competition prep video conference. We’ll have the final schedule of that to you on Monday next week in your email.

And, 2) for those participating in competition virtually, that’s when we will be taping your events, here at the studio, for those who would like to have them videoed for you. We will we’ll do that here at the studio. So, final schedule of that, also, is coming. So, please, please, please keep that day on your calendar for those things.

Also, February 12th and 13th is competition in Boise. I’m really excited for this. It’s going to be nice to get out and dance. So, enough said about that. I’m just super excited.

March 5th is first Friday in March.

Then, the week of March 22nd is spring break and the studio will be closed for classes during spring break.

We have open studios set the first Fridays of April, May and June. So, just keep those on your calendars.

And then, May. Two super important dates.

1) is may 14th and 15th: Nationals competition in Salt Lake City. So please, for our competitors, keep that on your calendars, all right? I am planning and counting on our competition routines to be Nationals qualifiers, so please keep those dates on your calendar.

Also, super important for everybody at the studio, is the very last Saturday in May, May 29th. That is our summer kickoff recital in Salem at the Historic Grand Theatre, so please remember to keep that on your calendar, too.

So, those are the updates. That’s what’s coming up. Please remember to update your contact information, and address book for Silver Creek Clogging, with our brand-new phone number: 503-874-6458. And, if you feel like it, give it a test run. Shoot us a text or give us a call. Make sure it works. We would love to hear from you on our new line, yeah?!?

I’m super grateful for you guys. Thank you so much for being part of Silver Creek Clogging. You are loved. You are valued. We – I – we really appreciate you.

So, thank you for being part of Silver Creek Clogging and, of course, happy dancing.

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