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Hi everyone. It’s Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon, and this is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of February 1st.

Happy February! Yes!

And we have some exciting news today, on this first day of February. We are going to be back in the studio this week. So, with the new guidance that was issued last week, we’re able to begin holding classes in the studio again.

However, there is a new distancing protocol that we need to follow as part of these new guidelines; which means that we need to have 25 feet between everybody in the studio. So, with that our available class size in the studio at any one time is limited even farther than it was before.

However, for most classes it won’t mean anything to your class. You’ll just need to come. We have enough room for everyone in most of our classes. So, that’s great news.

However, for teams Dynamite and Heat, we’re gonna implement like an A/B schedule. So, you’ll trade off attending online and in person so we can give everybody a chance to be in the studio. You have a couple of schedules to choose from. That’s in your email.

For Team Dynamite and Team Heat, just respond to the email and let us know what your preferred schedule is from the A/B, whichever one of those. So whichever one you’re in the studio for, you’ll be in the studio, and then the next class you’ll be online and other people will be in the studio. Just so we’ll trade back and forth. So, just make sure check your email, that you got last night, with all the details of that.

And, of course, if you’re not on either Team Dynamite or Team Heat, you just can show up to the studio at your scheduled time – a couple minutes ahead of your schedule time. We’ll complete all the same check-in procedures that we used to complete when we were in the studio just before Thanksgiving. So, yeah that’s that!

I’m so excited to be able to see most of you in the studio this week for classes. It’s going to be awesome.

All right, so just a quick reminder that our phone number here at the studio has changed. If you haven’t done so already, please update your address book with the new contact information for Silver Creek Clogging. Our new phone number is 503-874-6458. You can call or you can text on that line. Just be aware that it might not always be me who’s responding to your calls and texts. So, FYI on that.

And then, our regular office hours and administration hours are as follows: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nine to five and then Tuesday and Thursday nine to three. So, if it’s outside of those hours you’ll just get a like auto respond that says, “Hey, our office is closed and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.”

So just make sure to update your contact info for us, because we do not want to miss your call or your text. We like to hear from you, so please connect with us and yeah that’ll be awesome.

So quick update on Boise competition. We’re going to prepare for that. This is the week for that, on Saturday actually. So Saturday is two things.

One, we’re going to have a question and answer session online via google meet at 9:30am. It should last about 30 minutes, maybe you know plus or minus 10. To just kind of give you a little layout, answer your questions make sure we’re all prepared for when we show up in Boise to compete.

The other thing that’s happening on Saturday is at 10:30am, anyone who is participating virtually is invited to show up at the studio at their scheduled time and have us video your events – your virtual events.

So, there’s a schedule of when people need to come.

The required people who need to come to the studio to video are Team Dynamite, for Rhythm Nation (we’re gonna video that at the studio) and then Abby and Gwen, we’re gonna video your duet. Everybody else it’s optional. If you prefer to video your individual events at home you can do that and we can give you some tips on how to do that at our 9:30am meeting.

But, please know that you are welcome and invited and we would be thrilled to help you with your videos on Saturday, at your scheduled time if you would like us to do that. So, we are excited to do that.

I also want to announce our top three practicers for the month of January. They are Gwen, Sydney and Teresa. Yay! Congratulations you guys.

We will be putting your names into the hat and drawing a winner for our practicer of the month prize during classes this week. So that should be fun. I love the practicer of the month.

Upcoming, on Friday this week, we have our first Friday open studio, and this month we are going to do just a regular old open studio, virtual style.

So, what we’ll do is, we’ll just open up open studio on google meet at 6:30. Anybody who wants to come and get like you know a critique, get help with technique, you can just kind of come and show up. And that’s what we’ll do.

This will be good for those of you preparing for your competition videos or even competition in Boise either this Saturday or next Friday. So yeah, that’s what we’re gonna do, starting at 6:30 and we’ll wrap it up around 7:30 or 8:00, just depending on who’s there. So you can join just by the link on your student dashboard. So that’s that.

February 12th, we will be competing in the Idaho kickoff competition in Boise. I’m excited that we’re going to be able to dance. That will be awesome.

Upcoming, we have open studios scheduled for the first Fridays of March, April and May, so please keep those on your calendars.

Also, March – the week of March 22nd is spring break and we don’t have any classes scheduled for that week. So, just heads up for that.

Please also, especially for our competitors, keep May 14th and 15th on your calendars. That is the Nationals competition in Salt Lake City. So, I’m really looking forward to having some amazing qualifiers.

And, then May 29th, this is our super, super important day for all of our studio students. We will be participating… this is our spring kickoff dress rehearsal and recital. On that Saturday, we’ll have our dress rehearsal in the morning and we’ll have our recital in the early afternoon or sorry… late afternoon / early evening. So, just make sure to keep that date on your calendars. And that’s that.

Lots of info this week. Lots to look forward to. I’m really excited to have you guys in the studio this week. It’s gonna be awesome.

Please, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We love to hear from you. We love to have questions. So, please, please, please… On our brand-new phone number, we would love to hear from you.

We appreciate you. I just think you guys are an amazing community. So super supportive.

You guys have been amazingly supportive of each other and of us as a studio all through this pandemic, as we’ve been working to comply with the ever-changing string of guidance and closures and openings and all this. You guys have been so super supportive of us and I really appreciate you, and I’m so grateful for you, and I want to wish you happy dancing.

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