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Hi everyone. It’s Ruth.

I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon. It’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of March 8th.

Wowie! It has been so beautiful, so sunny. I’m loving it. I hope you are, too. It really feels like spring is here. I am loving it.

This month, March, we have a lot going on the rest of March, so we’re going to just start right off with our studio calendar for the month of March.

This week, the week of March 8th, we have regular classes. All classes are in the studio, as scheduled, this week. Yes? See you soon!

Next week, it’s the week of March 15th and we’re in studio again, as scheduled, and we will be wearing green. So, next week in studio is wear green to class. It will be fun! We’re going to celebrate a little bit St. Patrick’s day all week long. And, last year we had everything down to green makeup, so let’s have fun with it. Should be really fun.

The following week, the week of March 22nd, that’s spring break, so no classes that week. We’ll, hopefully, all enjoy some sun and outdoor time. It will be really nice to have a little spring break.

And then, the last week of the month, the week of the 29th, we will be back in the studio as scheduled. Yeah, regular classes.

We will be getting ready… We will have at that point two months to recital and we’ll just be finishing up our routines and it should be really awesome.

Just a quick reminder, TeacherZone: I wanted to just remind you that the TeacherZone app has been updated so that now, parents, you can use your unique parent username and password to logon to the TeacherZone app. And hopefully, you’ve already started to do that. And, if you have any questions about that, if you need help with a username or to reset your password, let us know we can help you. And, lovin’ TeacherZone and hoping you are too.

So, we are going to make some changes to our Practicer of the Month. I know we made some changes last October and so we’ve given those changes about six months and we’re gonna kind of revert back to what we were doing before, with a little variation.

So, this month, March, keep practicing as usual and we will do a drawing at the end of March/beginning of April for our Practicer of the month for March.

However, starting with all practice times the first of April and on, we’re gonna just go back to doing the top Practicer of the Month. So, the one Practicer of the Month, who has the highest number of days practiced in that month, is going to be our Practicer of the Month. If there’s a tie, we will award it to the Practicer who has practiced the most time.

So, if two Practicers of the Month have practiced every day, we have a tie of 30 days and, all things being equal, one person practiced more time than the other, then that person with the most time is going to be our Practicer of the Month. And, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to start awarding to our Practicer of the Month a voucher for one free competition entry to our February 2022 Portland competition, okay? So, practice, practice.

Again, the Practicer with the most number of days practiced in the month will get that voucher. They’re worth money, so get to it, have fun and we will do that for the next little while, leading up to our February 2022 (so, that’s a little under a year), we’ll give out those vouchers.

Have fun, with the new Practicer of the Month, okay? That’s our big news for this week what we have to announce.

Coming up, I just want to remind everybody we are doing first Friday open studio and, as of now, our plan is just to go back to regular old open studio. I think the one thing that’s just a little different is, if you want to come to the open studio we’re just going to need you to RSVP, because we can have a limited number of people in the studio at one time. So, that’s it, that’s the thing. That’s our plan as of now, unless we… you know, COVID dependent. So, just keep that on your radar.

Also, just remember next week, wear green; the week after that, spring break; and then in May we have two very, very, very important dates. One is for our competitors.

So, competitors, we have the weekend of May 14th and 15th; that’s for Nationals in Salt Lake City. Please keep that on your calendar. All of our competitors qualified for Nationals, with their routines or their entries in Boise. So, we’ll go to Nationals at Salt Lake City, May 14th and 15th, so plan for that.

And then, also everyone in the studio, we will have our spring kickoff recital/dress rehearsal, on Saturday May 29th. That’s the last Saturday in May, so please keep that on your calendar, as well.

And, yeah, that’s what we have this week.

Keep smiling, enjoy the sun, and happy dancing!

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