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Hi everyone. It’s Ruth.

I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center. It’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of March 15th.

As you can see, it’s wear green week. Yay! Wear whatever green you want to wear to class. As for me, I have this fun green hair, I have a jade green shirt and I even have even a different color of green pants on (that you can’t see); but, it is gonna be fun. So, wear green. Dress up as little or as much green as you feel like. It will be super fun. Okay?

Also, this week, it’s I am proud of me week. We are going to take a little bit of time in class to think about what we are proud of. So, each student will think about something clogging related that you are so super proud of yourself for, and we will send you off into the spring break week with a remembrance of how awesome you are.

So, if you have a chance, think ahead a little bit about something that you are so super proud of for yourself, okay? Think about you and what you’ve done or who you are or anything about you that just really makes you feel so super happy inside and just really proud of yourself for, okay?

So, wear green and if you can start thinking now of what you’re proud of for yourself and we will celebrate each other in classes this week.

For next week, just a quick reminder that we have no classes next week. It’s spring break, so we are going to take that whole spring break off and hopefully you can enjoy the break outside. Hopefully it’s good weather (fingers crossed) and we can all have a fun time outside for spring break.

A quick reminder that starting April 1st, we’re going to change back to our practicer of the month for only the one top practicer, okay? So, starting April 1st, as you log your practice days in TeacheZone, we will at the end of April count up who has the most number of days practiced in April, and at the beginning of May, that one person is going to get a certificate, a little voucher, for one competition entry for free to Portland’s February 2022 competition.

So, start gearing up now. Start getting into the rhythm of logging into the TeacherZone every day that you practice and log in your practice days, all right?

I also want to just remind you, I have… I’ve had a couple of questions here in the studio about our spring kickoff recital and so I just want to remind you that our spring kickoff recital is the last Saturday in May; it’s Saturday, May 29th, it’s Memorial Day weekend. Please keep that on your calendars. Please remember that. And, we will pay attention next year that we’re not doing that on Memorial Day weekend. But, this year, just remember the last Saturday in May. We’ve had that on the calendar for about a year now, so just keep that, keep that on your calendars.

Upcoming on the studio calendar, this week wear green, okay?

Next week, no classes; were off for spring break.

April 2nd, first Friday open studio.

And then, the following week, the week of April 5th, we are gonna do a choreography challenge with a super fun prize giveaway, too. So, stay tuned for all those details. I’m really excited about it.

First Friday in, May; May 7th, first Friday open studio.

And then, also, please keep on your calendars in May, May 14th and 15th (that’s for our competitors), which is Nationals competition in Salt Lake City. April we will be sending around the competition entry sign up, so start thinking about that now, what you want to sign up for competition, all right?

Also, as I mentioned earlier, the last Saturday in May, May 29th, is our spring kickoff recital.

So, that is what’s happening at Silver Creek Clogging.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in all their green in class this week. Yeah? It’s gonna be fun.

Until then, keep smiling and remember… happy dancing.

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