Audio Transcript

Hi everyone.

This week is spring break and we don’t have any regular classes in the studio. I am wishing you all a so super happy, so super relaxed and even, hopefully, so super sunny, spring break.

Of course, I will miss everyone in the studio. But, I’m looking forward to seeing you next week and hearing about all of your spring break stories.

A couple of quick updates: even though we don’t have classes this week, I do want to keep a couple of things on your mind.

One, for all of our competitors, please keep planning for Nationals competition in Salt Lake City, May 14th and 15th. As of now, from what I can see on the competition website, we should be planning to have competitors participating on both those days; both the 14th and the 15th. However; we are in process of trying to find out whether they know, for sure yet, if studio blocks will be implemented for the schedule or what the plan is for sure. So, for now just plan on dancing both days and as soon as we know the schedule, of course, we will let you know.

I have sent a big… lots of information in your weekly email about competition entry fees, Lagoon Amusement Park passes (if you’re going to want to ride any of the rides while we’re there), should be really fun.

So, please check your email, follow the links in that email, to get all of the information right off of the America OnStage website, okay?

I also want you to keep on your calendars our spring kickoff recital, which is scheduled for the last Saturday in May; that is the weekend of Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, May 29th. So, please, please, please, please keep that on your calendars. Because, that is what we’re planning on.

I just don’t want you to lose track of those things that are just going to come super speedy right up, as we head further on into spring.

Also, please keep the following events on your calendars:

April 2nd, of course, it’s first Friday open studio and we’ll be collecting RSVPs for that next week, when we get back into the studio. That’s actually next Friday.

And then, the week of April 5th, which the week after that, we’re going to have an in-studio choreography challenge. And, we will be announcing all of the details about that very soon. So, just keep get… start getting your wheels churning about what steps or what combinations you can choreograph. Yeah? Should be fun.

Then, of course, May 7th; again, first Friday open studio.

And, our two big events in May (which I’ve already talked about) are: Competition, Nationals in Salt Lake City, May 14th and 15th; and then our all studio recital, the last Saturday in May, May 29th.

So, don’t forget about those. Keep those on your calendars.

And then, the last week in May, the first week in June, that’s the week of May 31st, we’re gonna have a post recital celebration that’s gonna be a little different than what we are used to doing. So, just keep that in mind. I’m kind of excited, because we have some fun plans up our sleeves.

And then, on into June, yeah? In June: of course the first Friday in June, June 4th, is first Friday open studio.

And then, that very next week, yeah, we’re gonna start learning our routine for the Clog Down Showdown, which we will have in July. So, lots of fun coming right up.

Please keep those dates and events on your calendars.

And, I am missing you this week. I, yeah… Somehow, I just don’t know what to do without my weekly dose of joy with you guys. But, I will be able to see you next week in the studio, where we will catch up, hear your stories about spring break and dance, dance, dance.

Until then, I wish you happy dancing.

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