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Hi, it’s Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon. It’s What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of April 12th.

Yeah, is that right? Yes, it’s April 12th and this week in the studio it’s crazy socks week. Wear your crazy, crazy socks. Let’s get crazy and watch our feet flying around with our crazy socks on. Should be awesome!

Right into our announcements…

For our competitors, it sounds like all of our competitors are planning to participate in nationals virtually. If you are planning to go in person, please get in touch with me right away; because sign up forms are due today in class, that is Tuesday, the 13th.

So, right now we’re planning for everyone to participate virtually and what we’ll do is we’ll set up a schedule for Saturday, May 8th to come to the studio and video all of your routines, so that we can submit for virtual.

So, for our competitors, please keep Saturday, May 8th on your calendars for our virtual video session.

If you are planning to go in person, please get in touch with me right away, all right? Okay.

I also want to let you know we are making changes to our programs here in the studio. I think I announced this a few weeks ago, when I was talking about the delay of our instructor certification program.

But, I do want to let you know that we are revamping our programs, because one of our goals here at Silver Creek Clogging is to give our students some tools and the training that they need to excel as cloggers and in life. So, we are revamping our programs to help us to achieve that goal for our students and you will see some announcements about what, exactly, that means coming very, very soon.

So, what’s on the calendar coming up?

May: well, of course, this week is crazy socks week; so don’t forget that.

Then, May 7th is first Friday open studio (6:30 to 8:00) and you need to RSVP if you want to come. That is that.

Saturday, May 8th is our video session for our virtual nationals entries.

And, since we’re not going to nationals in person, we can participate in the Silverton Pet Parade on May 15th, so please put that on your calendars. That will be fun.

And then, the week of May 17th we’re gonna wear our studio t-shirts and do our hair all crazy craze, okay? Yeah? Crazy hair week and studio t-shirt week, that will be fun.

And then, May 29th, it’s a Saturday (it’s the last Saturday in May), we have our all studio dress rehearsal and summer kickoff recital and we do have actually have a theme for that. But, we’re in the midst of our “guess the song for our all studio routine” contest on TeacherZone, so I don’t want to reveal the theme just yet; because the theme tells you what our song is, basically.

So, anyway, keep the 29th, keep May 29th on your calendars.

And then, the week after recital we’re going to celebrate. We’re going to do something just a little different than normal to celebrate in class, so just keep that on your calendars. You’ll want to make sure to come to class that week after recital to celebrate your magnificence.

And, then, going into June, the first Friday in June, June 4th is our first Friday open studio, again; every first Friday.

And the week after that, the week of June 7th, we start learning our clog down showdown routine, yeah? I’m excited about that. Something to look forward to.

And, we will have our showdown TBD. We’ll let you know.

So, please remember to keep those dates on your calendar.

P.S. You, yes you whoever you are watching this, remember… You are awesome. All right? Yes!

Happy week of April 12th and happy dancing.

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