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Hi! This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of April 19th.

I, as you know, am Ruth and I am here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center. It’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM, right here in Silverton, Oregon.

Before we get into what’s on the calendar of upcoming events, I want to talk about the program changes that are coming.

We’ve been really trying to keep you in the loop that we are making changes to our programs and they are not yet finalized. However, they will be soon.

But, while we’re making those final touches and getting everything in place, I do want to let you know what things you can expect.

And, before we do that, I also want to tell you that tuition adjustments are not expected to happen as they are normally scheduled in June.

So, normally it’s our practice/it’s our policy here to make any tuition adjustments in June. And, this year we’re going to hold off for just a bit and your tuition will be maintained at whatever you’re currently doing and we’ll wait to finalize all of these program changes that we’re going to be telling you about, so we can give you all of the information up front, okay?

Next, on to what is going to be changing for our program. First of all, the curriculum. As you know, we have decided to formally integrate non-clogging skills instruction into our curriculum. And, what that means is that we will be taking a few minutes of each class period to teach some topics like leadership, like commitment and goal setting, like teamwork, self-confidence, courage, those kinds of things. That’s what we want to teach our students and that’s what we’re looking now at formally integrating into our curriculum.

And, as early as May (so, just a few weeks down the road), we’re going to start integrating this into our classes and taking a few minutes of each class period to provide instruction on those kinds of topics, as well as our already super stellar clogging program, okay? Any questions about that, just let us know.

We really want to grow great dancers and also great people. We want our students to have the skills to excel as cloggers and to excel as people. So, that is our goal and look for those changes coming very soon; as early as this May (in just a couple weeks).

Also, we are going to be rolling out a new class schedule. We’re in process of putting the final touches on that schedule, as we speak, and just want to give you a little background on this class schedule change.

Most of you will remember that, back in January, we formally changed our schedule for our most advanced youth students, so that their classes meet twice a week. And, we did that because we had given them the option to take two classes a week and we saw that when they did take two classes a week they just grew in tons of ways. So, after January, as we’ve been continuing that, we’ve noticed that that trend has continued.

In addition, what we’ve noticed is that those students who are meeting twice a week, they retain what they have learned from class to class much better; which then, gives them greater capacity to grow and build upon those skills, because they’re retaining them better. And, we want all of our students to have those same growth and development opportunities.

And, because of that, we are going to be modifying our schedules so that most of our classes meet two times a week. And, again we’re still finalizing that schedule so we will be able to let you know exactly what that means to you.

We’re going to be touching base with students in class and parents just to kind of get a feel for what may or may not work for them, but in the end, we are going to be meeting twice per week.

This is just another thing that we are doing to provide our students an exceptional experience and the tools that they need to excel as dancers and as people.

So, just heads up on that. As soon as we have that schedule finalized, we will let you know and give you time to plan your schedule and stuff like that.

So, those are the changes and we will communicate those to you as soon as they’re finalized and let you know.

Also, we do want to let you know, we’ve rolled out a two-week introductory program. This is for brand new students or students who have been on a break for, you know, longer than about three or four months. That’s our two-week intro program that those students will come into. We don’t have a set enrollment period for that two-week program. It’s an ongoing thing, so we don’t we’ve done away with the, you know, only three times a year entry into the program. And now, with this two-week program, students can enter pretty much any time so long as the schedule meets their needs.

So, have people call us. This is awesome. Great intro to clogging program. They can get a feel for us and clogging and we know they will get hooked, just like we are.

And, give them the studio phone number, 503-874-6458, they can call us there or they can visit the website at

Spread the word.

What’s coming up on the calendar? Yes! We’re through all of the announcements and now, what’s coming up on the calendar.

Please keep these dates on your calendar.

Friday, May 7th is first Friday open studio, as usual, from 6:30 to 8:00pm and right now we’re just collecting RSVPs. For those who want to show up, just have to rsvp; just due to COVID, that’s why. Once we’re a little out of the COVID situation, with distancing and things, once the restrictions are released, then people can just show up like they used to.

For our competitors, Saturday, May 8th, we’ll be videoing your virtual competition entries. That’s that. Please, just keep that morning (it will be in the morning), so keep that morning set aside for that.

And then, May 15th is the Silverton pet parade. Please also keep that morning set aside. We’re gonna participate in the pet parade. Yay!

We’re still waiting to hear what the COVID protocols are, and all of that, but just please keep that on your calendar.

The next week, following week, May 17th, we’re going to wear our studio t-shirts and do our hair all crazy like. So, crazy hair and studio t-shirts, that will be fun.

Super looking forward to this next one, May 29th, Saturday (it’s the last Saturday in May), is our all-studio dress rehearsal and summer kickoff recital. Yay! More information is coming on that, but in the meantime, just please keep that on your calendars.

June 4th is first Friday open studio in June.

And then, the week of June 7th, our students will begin learning the clog down showdown.

Hey, I also forgot to say that, the week after recital we’re gonna celebrate. So, we’ll have a post-recital celebration and it’s gonna be a little different than we’re used to. Just keep a heads up on that. I’m really excited, because I think it’s going to be fun.

So, those are the days to keep on your calendars. Super excited.

Also, please keep on your calendar, like just kind of keep a heads up that, this summer it’s our hope to be able to participate in as many of the community events and activities as we can. So, we have done, you know, the pet parade, in the past we’ve done the Homer Davenport parade, we’ve done the Silverton arts festival. So, just a heads up.

As many of those things as we can do this summer, and get back into the community and life and such, we will be doing those. And, as many of our students who want to participate, as can, we would love that. So, just a heads up on that. And soon as we have information on the dates and, I guess, protocols for those events, we will let you know.

And, I just want to say one more thing, as a little bit of a PS.

When I say, “I think you are awesome and I appreciate you,” those are truly heartfelt words and heartfelt feelings for me.

I do really think you are awesome. We have an amazing studio community, for which I am very grateful. Our community is like no other and I’m really grateful for you. Thank you so much for being part of Silver Creek Clogging and I send you wishes for happy dancing.

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