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Hey, everybody.  Hi. It’s Ruth and I am here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center and we are here for episode 4 of What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging.

So, this week we’re just gonna get right into it, because September… like it’s here and there’s a lot going on in September. So, I just want to make sure we cover it all.

First of all, next week brand new student classes start. Woohoo! I’m super excited. It’s always fun to have new students join and because every time, without fail, as soon as new students start clomping around on the dance floor in their clinky shoes they are hooked. And I’m really excited to watch that happen again just next week.

So, please spread the word to all of your family and friends, anyone you know. Please let them know how much you love dancing with us here at Silver Creek Clogging and let them know that new student classes start next week.

And also, this week only, we are having early bird pricing. So, anyone who enrolls this week, before the end of the day on Saturday, will get early bird pricing. After that you can still enroll, you just don’t get the early bird price.

So you get a discount if you enroll this week, which carries through month to month to month to month as long as you’re here so it’s not just a one-time deal. It’s every month that you get that early bird price. So, make sure to let everybody know.

Also, this Friday, I think it’s the fourth, is it? It is open studio; first Friday open studio for our current students from 6:30 to 8. You can come for some of that, you can come for all of that, you can come right at 6:30, after 6:30, it just doesn’t matter. It’s open for whatever you want. We’re going to be dancing outside. It will be a little bit warm tomorrow, so just make sure you wear appropriate clothes and bring your water bottle and we’ll just be dancing outside on our clog pods. It should be fun.

Our theater recital, holy smokes, it’s coming right up in just a few weeks on Saturday, September 26th, we will be having our recital at the Historic Grand in Salem and tickets are going to go on sale beginning Wednesday, September 15th.

So, a couple of things, we do have a limited audience size due to the COVID gathering restrictions. We’re maxed out at a certain size of audience, so you want to be sure to get your tickets as soon as you can.

However, we will be having two shows.  Your email has all the detail about the schedule for the day. We’re gonna start filling up the first show and as soon as the first show is full, then we’ll have anyone else in the audience members of the second show. So that’s how that’s gonna go and we’ll keep you know keep you in the loop on all the details in your emails. So, just be sure to keep track of that, because every dancer gets two tickets to the recital included with their tuition so you want to be sure to check for your coupon codes to get your two free tickets and then also get more tickets for your dancers whole cheering section. Yeah. Should be awesome.

One of the things I do want to mention is, all current students (everybody who’s currently dancing with us) will have a part at the recital. So, just be ready for that and then any new student who starts next week will also be able to participate. So, they’ll have a part in the recital so that should be really awesome.

Dates to keep on your calendar upcoming. Of course, next week new students come. So please make them feel welcome.

Also next week you get your new, brand new, red studio t-shirt. Which I’m super excited about.

And then the last weekend, of course, our theater recital is on September 26th, so remember that.

And then the very following week after that, we will have crazy socks and our brand new red studio t-shirts, yeah, we’ll wear those in the studio.

And then, please keep on your calendar Autumnfest in November; the first weekend in November for our solo and duet competition that will be in Salt Lake City. We’ll have, also, Portland competition will be in February. Boise’s in February and then we’ll have nationals in May. So, just keep those on your calendars.  But the closest is November so I want you guys to be ready for that.

And that’s all we have for this week.

There’s just, it’s action-packed stuff coming up I’m super excited about all the fun stuff happening this month of September.

Please, of course, if you have any questions please get in touch.

And I’m so grateful, so grateful, for every single person who is part of Silver Creek Clogging. All the students, all the moms, all the dads, all the siblings, all the aunts and uncles and grandparents. Just so grateful for you guys. You are an amazing and important part of our community and we just really appreciate you and I’m very grateful for you.

So, thank you and..

Happy dancing.

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