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Hey, everybody. Hi!

Hey, it’s Ruth and I am here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon.

Hey, we have some breaking news.

Breaking news.

This was not in your emails last night, because this has just come up this morning. You will get an email (you may have already by the time you see this), but today we are going to plan to hold all classes on-line. So, today, Tuesday, September 8th, please plan for your student’s classes to be conducted virtually through our Google Meet platform. I’ll remind you in the TeacherZone chat and in your email, how you can access the link to join your class at your class time. But, with everything that’s going on in our current area, I just want our students to be close to home and close to family just in case of emergency.

So, if needed, we will cancel classes for today so please keep check on your emails and your text messages for any updates about that. But, with the fire situation as it is, we’re just going to kind of play it by ear. But, for now plan for virtual class attendance for all classes today and, yeah, and then we’ll communicate if that changes.

So, in other news. Guess what I am wearing? I am wearing my new, red studio t-shirt. So, these will be passed out in classes this week and next week and ongoing throughout the month as we have new students joining us. Please keep your red studio t-shirt handy because we will be wearing these at our recital at the end of September, the last Saturday in September, and we will wear them periodically throughout the year. So, make sure that you know where your red t-shirt is when you get it and keep it available and handy.

Okay, also we are welcoming new, brand new students starting this week.  We will also be welcoming returning students, who may have taken the summer off, back this week and that doesn’t mean that this is the only week that you can return. That just means that starting this week and over the next few weeks we are accepting registrations for new students who would like to begin.

And, just one quick note, although our website only lists our class schedule for beginning and brand-new students who haven’t ever been clogging before, we do have classes for cloggers of all levels. So, however, we like to talk to people and kind of get an idea about where they are with their clogging and make sure that we get to know them so that we’re putting them in the correct class for them. So, anyone who is above a brand new clogging student level, beginning level just contact us and we can chat with you for a bit and make sure we find the right class for you.

So, family members, please, our studio families please tell your friends tell your families that we have classes for all levels of cloggers. So, just because those aren’t on the website doesn’t mean we don’t have them, all right.

Also, just a reminder again I talked a little bit earlier about our recital the last Saturday in September. It’s September, Saturday, September 26th. All of the info is in your email.

Just note a couple of things: one, tickets go on sale next Wednesday, September 16th.  Yeah, sometimes that happens when I’m writing emails; is I put the right day of the week, but the wrong date. So, that is the deal. Just remember that and I’ll correct it for you next week, too so, because next week is when tickets go on sale.

And also note that we’re filling up the first show for audience. We only have a maximum that we can have in the theater, we’re going to be social distancing there and seating people apart in groups of no more than 10 people. So, we’re limited on how many people we can fit in that theater.

And just know that right off-hand. So, we’ll fill our first one. We may not end up having the second show, depending. But, if we have a lot of raving fans (which we do, I know), then we will have that second show. Okay.

Also, I want to get your feedback right away on our community trunk-or-treat. We, Silver Creek Clogging, would be thrilled to participate in this community trick-or-treat that’s happening on Halloween from 3:30 to 5:00pm, in downtown Silverton, and we would love our cloggers to participate with us. So, we need to know from you as soon as possible if you can help. Ahead of time with the decorating of our trunk, for the trunk-or-treat, and if you can help handing out our non-candy treats. Okay?

Yeah, so just let me know, please, right away who can participate and what you can do and I would just love it, because I want get us signed up as soon as possible. All right? Yeah, that’s gonna be super fun.

We’ll wear our Halloween costumes maybe we’ll even do a little clogging routine, more on that in just a sec.

All right, so upcoming activity activities and events.

Of course, we have our theater recital the last Saturday in September; September 26th.

And then the week after that, the following week of September 28th, we’re gonna wear our red studio t-shirts to class – along with crazy socks. Yeah, that’ll be really fun and a good fun way to kind of celebrate and relax after our recital.

Also, October 2nd, this is super fun, that is our usual first Friday open studio.  We’re going to do something a little different. On October 2nd first Friday, usual time (6:30) we’re gonna have a virtual workshop.

Get ready here it is…. with our friends from Junior Cloggers in Hillsboro, Oregon and High Impact Dance in Lacey Washington. Yeah?

So, I will be teaching us all a routine to Thriller. It’s a different version, not the Michael Jackson version of Thriller, a different version. And, it’s gonna be fun and it’s going to get us into the Halloween spirit and maybe we can even dance it through a couple times during that trunk-or-treat, if you guys want to come. So, that would be super fun.

Also, the week of October 25th, that is the week (Halloween week) we’re gonna wear our non-scary, non-scary Halloween costumes to class.  That is always so much fun. I love it. So, be prepared for that.

And then, of course, please keep on your calendars the first weekend in November, November 7th, for Autumnfest; the solo and duet competition in Salt Lake City. We will be participating in that, assuming of course everything is COVID safe. So, yeah.

So that’s it. That’s our update for the week.

Again, please remember today – please plan for classes to be held virtually because, as I mentioned earlier, we want to keep you close to home (in case of emergency) with your family.

And, if something changes we’ll be in touch. Or, of course, if for some reason you can’t make it, just let us know and that’s fine too.

So, yeah, that’s our update.

As usual, you know what, we have… I was reminded recently about what an amazing and unique community we have here at Silver Creek Clogging. And you know what? That’s because of you. That’s because you guys live our studio values. Like, you embody them you.

You exude joy.  You are a true community, here, of support. You are you are willing to take internal risks and build and grow your courage, so that then you can take those external challenges. And all of that is what gives you the ability to grow.

And that’s not just our dancers that’s everyone in our entire clogging community, here; parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles.

You guys are amazing.

I say that a lot – that you’re amazing – and I really, I don’t take that lightly.

We have a truly unique community here and I’m, I’m amazed and I’m grateful, over and over and over again. (Oh my gosh, I’m getting a little teary.)

Anyway, just really, I am honestly grateful for you guys, as our community here at Silver Creek Clogging, because truly I mean it when I say how amazing you guys are.

And I really am so grateful.

I love you guys and I wish you happy dancing!

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