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Hey. It’s What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of July 26th.

I’m Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon; it’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

Our update this week is short and sweet, so we’re just going to get right to it.

This month, the month of July, our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership focus has been on self-esteem. It’s been a really good focus and we would love to hear how it went for you. What did you learn about yourself, as you reflected on your own individual value? What did you learn, as you recognized your unique skills, and qualities, and capabilities? And, how did you feel when you put those skills, and qualities, and characteristics in use in your own community settings? We would love to hear how things went for you, or went for your student, this month. And, look for a post on our Facebook page, where you can comment and let us know your experience about reflecting on your own individual value this month. We would love to hear from you. Chat to your teacher, let your teacher know, or post on the Facebook page. Yeah, we would love to hear how it went for you.

What’s on the studio calendar and upcoming events. Next week is wear your dance costume or other fun dress up to class. If you have a dance costume that you’ve worn, that you think was so super fun, wear it. If you have something fun you want to dress up in, wear it. We would love to just goof it up, have fun and, yeah; that’s our focus, have fun next week; it’s August, it’s the first week of August.

And, then, also next Saturday, can you believe it, next Saturday is the Homer Davenport parade, and we’ll be participating in it, and we would love for all of our students to participate with us. So, let us know, let your instructor know, if you can participate so we can have a plan, okay?

Also, Saturday, August 21st is the Silverton Arts Festival and we’ll be dancing on the stage that Saturday, and everyone who’s currently enrolled is invited to dance with us, okay? So super fun.

A reminder that Monday, September 6th there will be no classes that day. So, for those of you with Monday classes just remember, no classes on Labor Day.

The week of September 27th is, wear your studio t-shirt and crazy socks to class.

And, then, the week of October 25th is, wear your non-scary Halloween costume to class.

So, we’ve got some fun, wear your fun stuff to class weeks coming up.

And, next year, we have our recitals already set for Saturday, January 22nd and Saturday, June 4th, so please put those dates on your calendars now. And, everyone who’s currently enrolled is invited to participate in those recitals. So, yeah, just plan on them.

We do have a couple of other community events we’re still trying to line up and the information about those is in your email.

Just, please, put all of those dates/all of those events on your calendars. Super excited to have all this fun stuff to do as a studio community.

And, please let us know how your month of reflecting on your own value went. We would love to hear from you. We’ll see you in class this week. Until then, happy dancing.

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