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Hey! It’s What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of August 2nd. I’m Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon; it’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

And, it’s August. In August… I love August because, in August, it’s one of the most community involvement months of all the year. We have parades and festivals and performance opportunities and, especially because we didn’t get to do any of that last year, I’m really looking forward to getting back to the community events and community participation this year. It’s going to be awesome.

And, August. This month, our Tapping into ExcellentTM leadership focus is on knowledge. I almost said the wrong word, but it’s on knowledge and knowledge is so super important.

We’re going to be focusing all of our class chats this month on the important of gaining and using knowledge, and why it’s so important to have knowledge, and to continue to be learning as a leader. And, of course, we hope all of our students are super excited to be learning about dance and we also hope that our students either have or gain a passion for continued learning throughout their lives.

It would be really great if you, at home, would be able to take some time to chat with your student about why you think learning is important and even chat with your student about some of the things that you’re working to learn right now. So, class chats in our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership training program this month are on knowledge. I’m really looking forward to talking about this.

So, this week is a big week. As you see, I have this little hat on because, it’s dress up in class week. You can wear a previous dance costume, you can wear a goofy hat, anything you think would be fun and just liven up your class that is what we want to do.

So, just come to class, wear something fun, and if you don’t have a dance costume don’t worry. Anything fun, that doesn’t inhibit your ability to dance, would be awesome.

Another fun thing that’s happening this week, on Saturday, is the Homer Davenport Parade. We’re going to be walking and dancing all along the parade route, passing out candy, spreading some joy and we want you to join us. So, every student is super invited/welcome. We want you to join us in participating in the Homer Davenport Parade this Saturday, August 7th. We will send home some information about that for your student, this week in classes. And, please let your instructor know whether or not you can participate, just so we can plan ahead.

So, of course, this week wear a dress up or costume to class and Saturday is our Homer Davenport parade.

On Saturday, August 21st, we’re going to be dancing at the Silverton Arts Festival, so please mark your calendars for that and plan to join us.

Monday, September 6th we will have no classes. We’re taking a break for the Labor Day holiday.

And then, the last week of September, week of September 27th, wear your studio t-shirt and some crazy socks to class. That will be fun. That’s one of my favorite weeks of the year. But, of course, then as I say that, the next thing on the calendar is the week of October 25th and that is, wear your non-scary Halloween costume to class. And, that’s another one of my favorite weeks of the year.

So, some fun in class things happening this year.

And, next year we’ve got some performances on the calendar. Saturday, January 22nd is our Winter Showcase Recital. Please keep that date on your calendar and plan to participate. All of our students are invited to participate.

Saturday, June 4th is our Summer Kickoff Dress Rehearsal and Recital. This is our big, end of the dance year, recital. It’s super fun and all of our students also are invited to participate in that.

So, please keep all of those dates / all of those events on your calendars.

And, remember to chat with your student about knowledge, why knowledge and learning is important, and what you’re learning right now and we will see you in class. Until then, happy dancing.

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