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Hello. It’s What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of August 9th. I’m Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon; it’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

I want to start this week’s update by, again, apologizing to all of you for the last-minute cancellation of our participation in the Homer Davenport parade over the weekend. My family experienced a significant loss, and my husband and I needed to take the time to kind of come to terms with the new life circumstances we are facing.

So, anyway, I’m super sorry for the disruption and, especially, the last-minute cancellation. It’s been just a year and a half full of twists and turns, and I’m sorry for this twist and this turn.

The good news is that we have our Silverton Fine Arts Festival performance to look forward to (which I’m super excited about) and I’ll tell you all those details in just a few minutes.

First, let’s talk about our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership focus for the month of August, which is knowledge. You know, here at Silver Creek Clogging, we are so passionate about teaching and we’re also passionate about learning. And as we focus this month on the principle of knowledge, as a leadership principle, one of the important aspects of that is lifelong learning.

So, this week, we want to encourage you to talk to your student about doing one of these specific knowledge building activities:

One would be to research an important clogger/power tapper and research what they’ve contributed to the art of clogging and just learn a little bit about them and their life. And, feel free to ask your instructor for some, kind of, tips; maybe a few names that you might want to research, go do that research and then ask your instructor if you can share that with your class. That would be super awesome.

Another option would be to learn a new exercise or practice that will help you improve your performance presence or your technique, and practice that for a week, and then ask your instructor if you can teach that new practice or exercise to the class. That would be also a super fun thing to do.

We would love to have as many students who are interested in doing one of those activities, or maybe there’s another learning activity that you might want to participate in. Chat with your instructor. We would love it.

So, Silverton Fine Arts Festival performance. It’s happening next Saturday, August 21st at 12:30. We are the kickoff performance on the main stage at the Arts Festival. It’s really, really awesome. We’re super excited and we’re looking forward to blowing everyone away with the amazing talent and skills of our dancers.

So, your instructor is going to chat with you in class this week about the routines that your class can plan to perform on stage at the Silverton Arts Festival, along with starting to get you lined up with all the details. Look forward to that in classes starting this week. We’ll prepare these next two weeks to just show off our stuff. I’m really excited, especially because we are the kickoff performers at the festival. Such a huge honor and really excited to start the festival off with a bang. Here we go, all right.

So, yes, we have had some email blasts from the past. I’m not exactly sure what happened, why they got sent, but some of you received some emails that were from last year. It caused a little bit of confusion because, the emails were communicating about a performance that was coming up in September. But, guess what? That performance happened last September. And, super confusing. I’m super sorry.

A couple of things that we’re doing now. One, we believe that the issue is resolved. Two, on your weekly emails from now on it’s going to have the date, so that you can be sure that what you’re reading and what you’re looking at is the current information.

Another thing that we want to just let you know, just to confirm, is that every week, on Sunday we have scheduled your update for the week to be sent to your inbox, your email inbox, at 8:00pm on Sunday evening. We do follow up that email with the podcast and video updates, but that email is scheduled (pre-scheduled) to whoosh off to your inbox, your email inbox, on Sunday evening, to give you a heads up about what’s happening this week and kind of help you prepare also for the weeks ahead.

Please, if you have any questions, let us know. We’re putting these practices into place to avoid future confusion, all right?

So, here’s what’s happening / studio calendar and upcoming events. Of course, next Saturday, August 21st we will be performing at the Silverton Fine Arts Festival.

Monday, September 6th, no classes that Monday. We’re going to be taking that Labor Day holiday off.

The week of September 27th, that’s the last week in September, we are going to be wearing our studio t-shirts and crazy socks to class.

And, then, in October, the last week in October, the week of Halloween, we’re going to be wearing our non-scary, dance friendly costumes to class. That’s always a fun one for me.

And, please keep on your calendars, next year. We have our recitals scheduled for Saturday, January 22nd and Saturday, June 4th. The Saturday, January 22nd recital is relaxed, kind of low-key. We’re practicing some of the routines that we’ll be doing in competition, for those who participate in competition, and bring in some winter joy.

And, then in June, that’s our big, end of the dance year performance and we’ll showcase all of the routines that students have learned throughout the full dance year, at that year-end recital. So super excited about that.

So, please just mark your calendars, keep all this stuff on your calendars. We also have a really exciting thing coming up in October, which I’m really excited about, and more information on that to come. But, in the meantime, that’s what’s happening at Silver Creek Clogging. Looking forward to dancing with you guys in classes this week and, until then, happy dancing.

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