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Hey, it’s What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of August 23rd. I’m Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon.

We had so much fun at the arts festival this last weekend. Silverton’s arts festival is a great venue. So glad to be back to community events and performing for the community. It was just really, really fun.

We met a lot of fun people. We did a lot of fun dances. We had fun prize giveaways. Anyway, it was just really, really fun. And, thank you. Thank you so much to everybody who came to perform, who came to cheer. It was great energy there this weekend. And, if you want to see some pictures or videos of our crew, check them out on our Facebook and our Instagram page. Yeah, they’re there.

We do want to update you on the COVID. So COVID mask requirements. We chatted last week a little bit about new mask requirements. At that point last week, we weren’t 100% sure on what that meant for our specific studio, so we called around, we checked in and, guess what, we got some clarity.

So, here’s where we are. One: masks are recommended to be worn at all times in the studio. And, as a competition dance studio, our students are required to wear their masks at all times except while practicing, competing, or performing, all right?

So, the deal is you gotta wear a mask/required to wear a mask when you’re entering and exiting the studio, when you’re putting on and off your clogging shoes, when you’re using the restroom; like all of those times. Those times are not practicing, performing or competing so you gotta wear your mask during those times.

If you choose not to wear your mask while you’re practicing, competing, or performing that’s up to you. The only times when you can not wear a mask are those times and during water breaks.

So, again, it’s recommended that masks be worn at all times when you’re in the studio, and each student and their family are going to be able to make the decisions that are best for them, based on that guidance that we’ve been given.

If at any time you decide that you want to take advantage, or you need to take advantage, of the opportunity to join classes virtually, that is always an option. You can join your class from your TeacherZone dashboard, and just let us know ahead of time, so we’ll make sure we have everything set up for you, and you’re good to go, okay?

Let us know if you have any questions on that, but that is the deal.

This month, in our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership program, we are talking about knowledge. And one of the things I wonder is, if you know the difference between knowledge and intelligence. Huh? What’s the difference? Well, just to kind of put it simply, knowledge is the stuff that you know and intelligence is how you interpret, analyze, and put into practice the things that you know.

I think dance is a really good analogy, like metaphor, for the difference between knowledge and intelligence. So, knowledge would be the steps that you know; like all the different steps, all the different techniques, all of that. And, intelligence would be the dance that you know; so, how you put those steps into practice, in that routine.

So, you can have knowledge without having intelligence, but you can’t have intelligence without having knowledge; in the same way that you can know a lot of steps and a lot of techniques without knowing a dance, but you can’t know a dance without knowing a lot of steps. Yeah? Does that make sense? So, that is the difference.

And, I believe that intelligence can be learned; so, we can learn how to understand and interpret and analyze the knowledge that we have, and put it into practice.

And, I want you, this week, to think about… What are the things that you know? Where are your particular areas of strength, in terms of intelligence? What are your particular areas where you want to improve? And, then, make a plan for how you can learn to analyze, interpret, and put into practice the knowledge that you know (the knowledge that you know…)… the knowledge that you have. And let your teacher know, in class this week, what ideas you’ve come up with. And, guess what? Your teacher is going to give you a little prize. Yep.

So, make sure to do that this week in classes. And, yeah, this is a really important topic, so keep thinking about that, and the differences between knowledge and intelligence, and check in with your teacher this week in classes.

Studio calendar and upcoming events. What’s on the calendar? Please keep the following dates and events on your calendar:

So, first of all, September 6th is a Monday, no classes for Monday, the Labor Day holiday, we’re taking it off and hope you guys will have a fun time vacationing with your family. I know that’s the weekend right before the start of school, so that’s a really good time to take a little break and gear up for school.

The week of September 27th we’re gonna wear our studio t-shirts and some crazy socks to class. Love that, super fun.

The week of October 25th we’re gonna wear our Halloween costumes; our non-scary, dance friendly, Halloween costumes to class.

And, then, next year our recitals our performances, please keep these dates on your calendars: Saturday, January 22nd, that’s our winter showcase recital, and Saturday, June 4th, that is our summer kickoff recital.

And, we are working on a couple of community events and community performances. Silverton farmers’ market, we’ve been chit-chatting with the farmers’ market about options to get us at the farmer’s market, that’s super fun venue, so let’s keep that in mind and be ready to join us to pep up the farmers’ market.

And then, the Davenport House, we reached out to them before COVID and then COVID hit, so we’re just kind of keeping that on our calendar, because we do want to get there and perform for the folks there.

So, that’s what’s happening at Silver Creek Clogging. Please keep those dates/those events on your calendar.

And, remember to consider the difference between knowledge and intelligence, and how that impacts your life and appears in your life, and how you can grow in knowledge and intelligence, and let your instructor know what plans you have, and you will get to choose a prize from the prize box. Woohoo!

We’ll see you in class this week and until then, happy dancing.

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