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Hey. It’s What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of September 6th.

I’m Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon.

And, guess what? September 6th. Right off the bat. Quick reminder. No classes today, all right? So, no classes today, September 6th, Labor Day. I hope you guys all enjoy a lovely, restful, and relaxing holiday with your families; and that you gear up for hitting it at full speed tomorrow. All right? And, we’ll see you back here for dancing tomorrow.

So, yeah, September. We’re in it, man. Time is flying when you’re having fun.

And, when it’s September, it means that our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership focus for the month is on compassion. This is a super important topic. One that we’re going to be focusing on all month and, as part of that focus, we are issuing a challenge to all of our students and all of our staff (and basically anyone else in our studio community who wants to join, would be super awesome).

It’s the random act of kindness challenge and there aren’t really any rules to this. Really, it’s what it sounds like. Do some simple, meaningful, small act of kindness for someone. And, you can do as many acts of kindness as you like throughout the month.

And, what we’re asking is, parents talk with your student and help them follow up on this.

And, what we’ll do is, for every random act of kindness that our students perform; they’ll come to the studio, they’ll tell their instructor, and their instructor will put a link on the paper chain that we’re going to have up in the studio, and we’ll see by how many links we can grow our chain.

I think this will be a really awesome way for us to visualize just how easy it is for simple, small acts to grow and to spread, and so let’s do it. Yeah?

Talk to your instructors, if you have any questions. Share with your instructor, when you’ve done a random act of kindness. And, just remember; simple, meaningful, it doesn’t need to be big, it could be something small, an act of kindness. Let’s do it. Let’s spread kindness far and wide this month, and beyond, all right?

Staff spotlight: So, this week is the first of a few staff spotlights and it’s on me, Ruth, your studio director and founder of Silver Creek Clogging.

And, about me: as a kid, my dad was in the military and so we moved around quite a bit when I was a kid. And, by the time I was in middle school age, my dad had retired from the military, had gotten his second career, and settled in a small, teensy, tinsy small town, in Utah.

And, in Utah, clogging was, and still is (like big-time), everywhere. It was just, like everywhere. Even so, my first dance class was a tap class, traditional tap class.

And then, guess what? Then came clogging and I was hooked; oh, my, gosh. Clogging; the power, the energy, the rhythm that was with clogging is just so like, yeah, I was hooked. I loved it, I loved it and I still do love it. It was a great outlet for all of the energy. I was such an energetic kid (still am an energetic person), and it was just a great outlet for all that energy.

And, boy, I had a knack for it. I practiced all the time. I performed every chance I got. Yeah, just clogging was, and still is, just a really big part of my life.

And, I’ve always found clogging to be a really great stress releaser; you could just kind of tap it out/pound it out with all that energy and just get it out. It’s been kind of like a therapy for me throughout my life. I’ve always been able to do it throughout my life.

And, when I’m clogging, I feel so fully filled with myself, that it’s like, it’s just a part of me. Like, even when I’m not doing it, it’s like there. It’s just… I love clogging. It’s just amazing. And, it’s a unique style of dance, in so many ways, and that’s why Silver Creek Clogging was founded.

It was founded on the belief that clogging is unique:

-and it’s unique in its ability to bring joy to everyone who participates in it – whether you’re dancing, whether you’re watching – it’s just fills everyone who dances or watches with joy. And, we need joy.

-students of all ages need, and also deserve, a positive dance community where they can feel safe to find enjoyment, to build their skills, and to work together as a community to grow and achieve their goals. That safe studio community is super, super important to me, and we are guarding our safe and supportive and positive studio community. And, we are charging you with guarding that community as well. So, thank you.

-also, clogging just is such a unique style of dance and it’s unique in its ability to encourage self-awareness, to encourage self-confidence, and to encourage growth – not just on the dance floor but also off the dance floor.

And, those beliefs are what Silver Creek Clogging was founded on, and it’s my sincere desire that you will experience the joy and growth and benefits in your life as a result of your participation in clogging, as I have in my life. That’s what I want for you. So, that’s me.

If you want to see a little picture of me, in the late 80s, dancing up a storm for a family reunion, you can see that in your email. It’ll probably be on the Facebook at some point soon but, in the meantime, check out your email.

And, please, put the following dates and events on your calendars.

Today, of course, today Monday, September 6th: no classes.

Week of September 27th please wear your studio t-shirt and some crazy socks to class. That’ll be fun. I love that crazy socks/studio t-shirt week. Super fun.

Saturday, October 16th we are gonna celebrate. We’re gonna party, because that will be three years since we moved in to this, our own, studio home. Prior to moving into our studio home, we danced in some temporary locations and we’re going to celebrate having our own studio home. So, please put that on your calendar.

Also, please put on your calendar the week of October 25th which is wear your dance friendly, non-scary Halloween costume to class. Yeah? I’m going to get mine put together. I can’t wait to see yours, too. That’s the week of October 25th.

Then, Saturday January 22nd, next year, that is our winter showcase recital. Please put that date on your calendar.

Also, please put on your calendar Saturday, June 4th, that is our summer kickoff recital and dress rehearsal.

Those two recitals, next year, super important. All of our students are invited to participate in those performances.

We are still working to see if we can get a performance at the Farmers’ Market and the Davenport House, so just keep those on your docket for when they come up and plan to participate when we get those scheduled.

And, remember to talk to your student about the random act of kindness challenge. Let’s spread as much kindness and compassion as we can, all month long. And, let that kindness and compassion just grow and compound. So, that’s your challenge. Please chat with your student about that. We will check in with you all month long and make our long paper chain. Can’t wait.

Until I see you in class, remember… happy dancing

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