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Hey, It’s What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of September 13th.

I’m Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon.

This month, we are focusing our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership topic on compassion.

So, for the whole month of September we are doing the random acts of kindness challenge. So, we have asked our students and our staff to perform simple, meaningful, kind acts for those around them, for the whole month. And, we’ve had a little question come up about this and so we want to address that.

One of the questions is, “Is it a requirement that our students participate in this challenge?”

And, the answer is, “No; it is not a requirement. It is a challenge.”

We are encouraging our students and our staff to use this challenge as a way to continue to grow a positive and compassionate community around you, wherever you are.

And, why are we doing this?

Because, community starts with you. Community starts with me. Community starts with each individual person.

And that’s what we’re doing this month. We are taking the time to share simple, meaningful acts of kindness wherever we are. Because, we know that one simple, compassionate act has the ability to ripple far beyond what you can even imagine.

So, we’re asking you to take on this challenge; to perform a meaningful, small act of kindness to someone this month. And, feel free to ask your instructor how they’re approaching this challenge. And, just remember, that when we take the time to really act out of compassion and kindness for another person, it grows us. It grows us. Not only does it build our community around us, but it grows us. We’re the start of our community.

And, so, we want you to grow not only as successful dancers but as successful people and successful leaders, and so that’s what we’re doing this month. We really appreciate your support.

We know that we have an amazing community; it’s unique in the positive and supportive environment that we have here. And, things like this random acts of kindness help us to maintain, to foster, and to continue to grow that positive and supportive community that we guard so fiercely.

And, thank you so much for your support. We hope you will take on this challenge and take the opportunity to positively impact, not only our studio community, but the community where you interact on a day-to-day basis. So, that is that.

This week, our staff spotlight is on Abby Christenson, our classroom aid. And, I’m going to read to you what Abby has to say about herself.

Here’s what Abby says, “In the fall of 2018 I learned about this thing called clogging, from my friend Sydney. I was like, ‘Clogging, what’s that?, and then I found out.

“Clogging is an amazing, energetic dance with sounds that are musical and rhythmic. When I learned about clogging, I knew immediately that I wanted to do it, and so I did.

“I started taking lessons at Silver Creek Clogging in the summer of 2019 and I learned whatever I could, as fast as I could. I couldn’t get enough. I just love clogging. In fact, my family says that I’m tapping my feet wherever I go.

“My clogging journey has been so fun, especially because I’ve been able to do it with one of my closest friends.

“I’m excited to be able to work in the studio with Silver Creek Clogging students because, I love seeing and being around other people who enjoy clogging. I’m especially excited to learn from our students why clogging makes them happy. Can’t wait.”

So, that’s what Abby has to say. We are thrilled to be having her join us as our classroom aide and, beginning this week, she will be assisting in our Monday/Wednesday Team Sparklers, and she’ll always also be assisting in other classes and studio events, at the studio.

So, a couple things about Abby that I want to share with you: she is a master clogging technician, she is a passionate clogging champion (as you can tell from what she says, she loves clogging), and she is such an energetic and engaging performer. It’s so fun to watch her dance and just to be around her when she dances, and I can’t wait for you to get to know her.

So, when you see Abby, welcome her to our studio staff, and some of you will get to have the lucky opportunity of dancing with her on a weekly basis.

So, we’re having an introduction to clogging open house here, at the studio. This year, we’re doing something a little different. We’re going to host an intro to clogging open house that is for brand new students, ages 5 and up, who have never taken any clogging before.

So, we know that we have the absolute best students ever, and we would love to have more students just like you, so if you know of anyone who you think would love clogging and be a great addition to our unique studio community, please invite them to our open house on Saturday, September 25th. It’s free and you can find all the details on our website. We’ve included a link for you in your email, and please feel free to share that web link with anyone that you think might want to join us. Pre-registration is required.

I know it says it’s an open house, but we’re doing actual classes during this open house, so it’s not just to drop in. You’ve got to register and claim your spot, and we’re expecting those spots to fill up fast.

So, if you know somebody who wants to try clogging, we would love for you to share that with your friends and family, who you think might be good additions to our studio community.

So, studio calendar and upcoming events. Please keep the following dates and events on your calendars:

Saturday, September 25th, that’s our introduction to clogging open house. It’s for brand new students, ages 5 and up. We just talked about it and you can see all the details in your email.

The week of September 27th is, wear your studio t-shirt and crazy socks to class.

Saturday, October 16th is our studio anniversary party. We’re gonna celebrate having three years in this amazing, studio location.

And, the week of October 25th. That is wear your dance friendly, non-scary Halloween costume to class. I love those times. And, don’t worry, I’m going to get in on the action.

And, then Saturday, January 22nd, next year, is our winter showcase. So please keep that day on your calendar.

And then, Saturday, June 4th is our summer kickoff recital.

And, those two events, our winter showcase and summer kickoff recitals, everyone in the studio is invited to participate. So, please plan on participating.

We’re still working on Farmers Market and Davenport House performances; so just heads up on those.

And, that’s what we have on the studio calendar. That’s what’s coming up. We are excited to see you in class. Please keep thinking about your random acts of kindness and ways that you can positively impact your community, by spreading kindness and compassion far and wide.

And, until we dance together again, happy dancing.

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