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Hey, everybody!

It’s Ruth and I’m here at our Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon and I’m just gonna start right off by saying, “Wow!” Last week was pretty crazy. Yeah, with all the fires and everything that was happening around us.

I’ve been really grateful to hear from most everyone that you guys are safe and healthy. So that’s been really nice to hear from you guys.

I hope that, as we all continue to move forward that, everyone will start feeling a little more settled and a little more at peace. There was a lot of high anxiety there for a while and I know that it’s not all the way over yet. I know that anxiety will linger for some time. But, I do hope, as we continue to move forward, that we will find that sense of peace and kind of calm and settling.

And, I did share with you guys, in your weekly email and on our social media accounts, this kind of quote that I think is really important for us right now. I’m gonna read it to you. Let’s see…

Don’t forget that you’re human
It’s okay to have a meltdown
Just don’t unpack and live there
Cry it out and then refocus on where you’re headed

And, I don’t know who to attribute that to, the author is unknown to me, but it seemed very, very appropriate. Because, I think that a lot of times, when we’re faced in situations like these, we forget to feel. We forget to see what’s inside of us and sometimes we don’t even give ourselves permission. Like we shut all that, all those emotions, down inside of us and I think that it’s important to remember that it’s okay to feel.

And it’s actually really healthy for us to feel, because when we kind of push our feelings aside, or our emotions aside, then sometimes it’s harder to go forward into the future. Because, those unacknowledged or unrecognized emotions are just kind of still in there, sitting in there, waiting to come out and so they kind of hold us back. Because we always know that they’re there.

So, feel your emotions, acknowledge your emotions, and give yourself permission to have a meltdown if you need to, and then, then you can bring your head up and look up and look out at what the future is before you.

So, that’s what I want, too, for our dancers.

So, here we go um on to the information and announcements.

So, smoke.

I actually saw the sun this morning, or not necessarily the sun but blue skies and fluffy clouds, That was awesome! Loved it! Gives me hope.

But, as for the smoke, I did want you guys to know that we do have HEPA and UV filters, air filters, in the studio. We got them back in June, when we were all facing COVID, So, they’ve been here, they’ve been operating and, yeah, they’re really helpful. So, I did want you guys to know that.

And, as far as class is concerned, this week, we are going to hold classes – regularly scheduled classes.  I know that there are a couple of you guys, like Team Dynamite and then Elsa’s class, we talked about moving those. So, this week those classes will be moved to their new scheduled times and I’ll reach out and confirm with everybody on that.

And, then brand new students! I’m asking you guys to please do us a favor and let everybody know that we’re still accepting new students. Let them know how much you love clogging here. Let them know that you feel safe sending your kids here, with all the COVID protocols, and everything, that that are in place right now. And that you just think we’re amazing.

And just spread the word that we are continuing to accept registrations for new students. That would really be amazing and we would really appreciate that, if you could do that favor for us.

Also, we’re going to try round two of our brand new, red studio t-shirts. So, these will be coming in classes this week and, again, just remember to hang on to these (know where they are) so that you can pull them out for use in performances and events throughout the year.

And, then, our September theater recital, that is just a couple weeks down the road. So, we are still planning on that. All the details are in your email. Ticket sales start tomorrow. Yeah, ticket sales start tomorrow. So, you have information about that as well in your emails.

Every student who participates in the recital is gonna get two free tickets. So, you’ll have a coupon code for that. Please know that, for families who have more than one student dancing in the recital, you get two tickets for each dancer, but you only have one coupon code and that one coupon code is for all of the dancers in your family.

So, make sure – for example, if you have two dancers you gey\t four tickets. So, just make sure that if you want four tickets that you get all of those in the same order, because that coupon code’s only good for one time. Okay?

Also, just, this is in your email as well but, just remember that due to the physical distancing, we are going to group people at appropriate distances. So, we’re going to treat each ticket order as one group and then that group will be seated in an appropriate distance apart from other groups. So, if you want to sit by somebody, then make sure that all the tickets for that somebody and you are in the same order, the same ticket order, and we’ll seat people accordingly.

We will have no more than 10 people maximum in any one group. So, if you do order more than 10 tickets just know we’re going to break you up into more than one group because 10 is the maximum in any one group.

So, we’re not going to be able to take seating requests or do reseating requests, just because of how COVID is, so just know that those are the parameters. And, that’s all outlined in your email.

Also, we’re still hoping to participate in our Halloween community trunk-or-treat. So, this is something that the Chamber of Commerce is organizing and we would really like to participate in that and could use some volunteers to help pass out our non-food treats and help decorate our trunk. So, please let us know, let me know, right away if you can do that and then we could let the chamber know that we can participate in that.

Please keep on your calendars that, of course, we have our recital coming up in a couple of weeks.

And then the week after the recital, the last week of September, we’re gonna do crazy socks and our new red studio t-shirt. So, that should be fun.

October 2nd is our first Friday in October and we’re gonna do a fun, online workshop with our friends from Junior Cloggers in Hillsboro, Oregon and High Impact Dance in Lacey, Washington. We’re going to learn a routine to a version of Thriller. It will be so fun!

And then coming up into October we have our – we’ll wear our Halloween costumes the last week of October for Halloween. That will be super fun! It’s always fun for me to have the costumes come to class.

And then, of course, on Halloween day we will be participating in the community trunk-or-treat.

And we’re still, we still have November 7th, the first weekend in November, for our Autumnfest solo and duet competition in Salt Lake City. We’ll be doing registration information in the next couple of weeks, because that will be due the beginning part of October so, yeah.

That’s what’s on line – it’s on tap, I guess, for us.

And, I just want you guys to know that – goll, if there’s anything that we’ve learned this year, it’s that things can really change quickly. And, right now there’s a lot of uncertainty and we’re all learning good lessons in living in the present moment, I guess, and for our part here at Silver Creek Clogging we, all along this whole – you know since back in March – we have been keeping the dancing going because we just know how important dancing and particularly clogging is.

And to keep this going gives us a sense of normalcy, it gives us a sense of consistency and it gives us something that brings us joy.

And, you know clogging has always been for me, and I have tried other styles of dance, but clogging, there’s just something about clogging that it helps me really connect inside me. It – with who I am – it gives me – helps me relieve stress, it’s good exercise, but really the big thing is that it’s a door into me, who I truly am, it helps me really truly be fully in in myself when I’m when I’m clogging. And that’s what I want for our students as well. And that’s one of the reasons why I want you to feel who you are and feel those emotions, because those emotions are you; they’re part of you, they’re real and I think clogging helps – well clogging does help me really get into myself and acknowledge and know that that’s real and that I’m real inside of me.

So, I hope that for you too.

And I really love you guys. and goll it’s been a really crazy, scary week. And I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio with you. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Let me know you know how you’re doing or just if you want to send a note just to chat, I’d love to hear from you, as always.

And I, of course, wish you happy dancing.

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