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Hey, it’s What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of October 4th. I’m Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon.

It’s October. October came. Whoo, it’s here and, since it’s October, that means our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership focus for the month is on loyalty.

Did you know that loyalty means to be dedicated or committed to an idea, a group, or a person? Did you know that? Even when it might be hard. Even when it might be challenging. That’s what loyalty means, it’s being dedicated, even under challenging circumstances. And, as our leadership focus this month, we’re going to be talking about what kind of behaviors are loyal, we’re going to be talking about how a leader can inspire loyalty, and we’re even going to be talking about how being loyal can help our dancers achieve their goals. Yeah?  I’m excited about this. It’s a really good focus for the month, and I’m curious what loyalty means to you, and I would love for you to think about that and chat about that with your student.

Use your drive time to and from the studio this month to chat about loyalty, to describe what kinds of behaviors would indicate loyalty to you, and we will be chatting about it, of course, all month long in classes.

And, I have a little quote here for you. Nicole Yatsonsky said, “Your truest friends are the ones who will stand by you in your darkest moments, because they are willing to brave the shadows with you, and in your greatest moments, because they are not afraid to let you shine.” Oh, that just gives me the chills to say it. So amazing. That is what loyalty is about.

So, our studio anniversary is coming up and we’re going to party. You have all the details in your email, so please check out your email for the time, the place, and what we’re going to do. But, just know it’s going to be fun. We’re going to have food and activities and the only thing you need to bring is yourself and it should be fun.

So, check out your email for all the details and of course you’ll be getting an invitation, special invitation for you, in classes. We’ll start handing those out this week and just note that this is a student / staff event only. So, no family members required or even invited to this one.  This one is just for our students and our staff and it should be fun.

So, what’s on the studio calendar and what’s coming up, yeah. Of course, next Saturday is our studio anniversary party. Keep that on your list.

The week of October 25th we’re gonna wear our non-scary, dance friendly Halloween costumes to class.

And then, the week of Thanksgiving – Wednesday through Saturday during that week of Thanksgiving, no classes. Just a heads up only Monday / Tuesday classes that week.

And then, the week of December 12th is, wear your ugly holiday shirt to class. And, we used to have wear your ugly holiday sweater; but sweaters are just too hot when you’re dancing up a storm, so holiday something.

And then, Saturday, January 22nd is our winter showcase recital.

And, Saturday, June 4th is our summer kickoff recital.

So, please keep all of those dates and all of those events on your calendars.

Know that we are still working on the farmers market and the Davenport House and just keep those, kind of, in the wings and get ready to join us when we have those dates set.

Please remember to chat with your student about loyalty, when you’re driving to and from the studio this month. It’s such an important concept for leaders and learning and growing. These days especially, I think, we have like people jumping ship whenever anything gets hard, and I think it’s really important to remember to be dedicated and committed to something, and to learn how to do that, if you’re going to succeed in life.

So, just remember to chat with your student about that. We’ll be talking in classes about it all month long. Can’t wait to see you in class and, until then, happy dancing.

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