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Hey. It’s what’s happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of October 18th. I’m Ruth, I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon.

And, first, we want to start off by saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” to everyone who joined us to celebrate our three-year studio anniversary in this here studio home; right here at your dance and movement center. We had a really fun time. The weather was beautiful. We had lunch, we made tie dyes, and I can’t wait to see how your tie dyes turned out (super excited to see those).

We have a couple of kind of fun announcements to share, but first, a note about loyalty, our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership focus for this month. Did you know that, in addition to all of the other aspects we’ve been talking about in regards to loyalty, that loyalty also means expecting the best.

So, one of the most important jobs of an instructor is to help you (our students) do your best. And, if your instructor lets you practice with sloppy technique, or goof off, or be lazy they haven’t helped you to be your best.

And, just a really quick note, loyalty does not mean giving everybody everything they want all the time. Loyalty, as we’ve talked about, is remaining committed – even when things get hard. So, loyalty means expecting the best of you.

So, as a parent of a toddler, a parent would not let their toddler run out into the busy street nor would they let their toddler touch the hot stove. Why? Because those things aren’t good for their toddler. So, they help their toddler to be and do their best by prohibiting them from doing things that are going to harm them.

And, sometimes your instructors or a parent will ask you to do something that may be a little bit hard; and it’s not because they want the worst for you, or they want you to necessarily have to do something hard, it’s because sometimes remaining committed, even when it gets hard, is the very best for your overall growth.

So, you can show loyalty to other people in the same way by expecting the best of them and at Silver Creek Clogging we are committed to helping you be the very best that you can be. That’s why we have this leadership program, that’s why we’ve set up our studio systems the way that we have. It’s because we want you to be the very best that you can be, both on and off the dance floor. That’s how we show our loyalty for you.

So on to the announcements. First, kick or treat. This year for Halloween we are helping you to treat your friends and family to a free two-week introductory program, here at the studio, on us.

So, if you love dancing with us as much as we love dancing with you, we are inviting you to give a treat of a two-week intro, free on us, to your family and friends this Halloween. So, we have some little bookmark passes that we’re going to be handing out next week in classes and you can give those out to your family and friends as a fun treat for Halloween.

And, if you can’t wait and you want your bookmark passes a little bit early, to start handing out early, totally no problem. Just ask your instructor and your instructor will be happy to give you some this week and next week. So, let us know. That’s our treat for you, that you can pass on to your family and friends.

Next up, Silverton farmers market. This is exciting. So, this winter we’re going to be participating in the Silverton farmers market, one Saturday each month starting next month in November and all the way through May. So right away, put Saturday, November 6th on your calendars, to participate in a short performance at the market, and we will announce the additional dates for the winter very soon. But, in the meantime, please put November 6th on your calendars, to join us and perform/put on a little show at the market.

So, one of our goals for participation in the winter market this year is to provide our students an opportunity to raise funds for their participation in competition. So, students who would like to, it’s totally optional and you are invited to, make crafts that you can sell at our booth at the farmers market. And, any proceeds that you make off of those crafts that you sell can be used to pay for your participation in competition.

So, more details on that to come, but in the meantime please start thinking about what you can make to sell at our booth and help you raise funds to participate in competition this coming competition season. Yeah?

Yep, super excited about that. This is our first year actually having a regular booth at the farmers market and it was really important for us to give our students this opportunity/this fundraising opportunity to help you comfortably participate in competition. So, that’s really awesome.

All right, well, here’s what’s on the studio calendar and what’s upcoming. Please keep the following dates and events on your calendars.

Next week, the week of October 25th, wear your non-scary/dance friendly Halloween costumes to class. Fun, fun.

Saturday, November 6th (we just talked about this), this is in a couple weeks actually, it’s the Silverton farmers market performance. So, please put that on your calendars.

And, then, the week of Thanksgiving, that Wednesday through the end of the week, no classes. We will have Monday/Tuesday classes that week, but no classes Wednesday through the end of the week.

And, then, the week of December 12th is wear your ugly holiday shirt to class.

And, then, next year we have a couple of performances: on Saturday, January 22nd is our winter showcase. That is a very informal performance (low-key, super relaxed, super informal), and it should be really fun.

And, then, Saturday, June 4th is our theater/fancy theater recital, that we will have at the Historic Grand in Salem. And, that is on stage – lights, camera, action, and all of that stuff. So, that should be super fun.

Please, also keep in mind that we are still planning to perform at the Davenport House. Once we are kind of out of the woods a little bit more with the COVID, we will continue to work on that one. But, in the meantime, please just keep heads up that we would like to spread a little light for those folks at the Davenport House.

So, yeah, please keep all of those dates and all of those events on your calendars.

Please, chat with your student about loyalty this month. You know, we have, I think in our culture these days, kind of a lack of focus/a lack of commitment in some ways. Where people want to just jump to this thing, to the next thing, to the next thing. And, I think that it’s really important to chat to your student about loyalty and what it means to be committed to a person, or a group, or an idea – even when things get hard. Things don’t always go our way and things will be hard and, in fact, challenges are a part of the growth process. So, I think that’s really important to talk to your student about that and what loyalty means to you. So, take time. We’ll also take time in classes to chat about that this month and, until then, happy dancing.

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