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Hey, everyone. It’s Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon. This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of November 22nd.

First, right off the bat.  This week, in classes, we only have classes on Monday and Tuesday this week.  So, scheduled classes will occur as usual Monday and Tuesday, so please join us for a bit of dancing right before the Thanksgiving holiday. We love dancing with you, so of course it’s always fun – but, just a heads up on that.  Classes will occur Monday and Tuesday this week.

All month long, for the month of November, our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership focus has been on community service. We’ve had a couple of community service projects that our students have been participating in and, of course, we’ve also been talking about just communities in general and the importance of contributing to and begin part of a community.

So, I did want to report on our community service projects.  First, we assembled hygiene kits.  Our students, in a matter of days, were able to assemble 100 hygiene kits that will be donated to Sheltering Silverton today.

I’m just really so impressed by this because it’s just one example of how quickly little, small acts of service – even tiny periods of time – can just compound when a group of people come together to support a cause.  It’s just a really amazing example of that.  And, I’m really proud of our students.  And, for those of you who would like to join us to participate in delivering those kits to Sheltering Silverton, come meet us at the Silverton Community Center, today, Monday, November 22nd, at 3pm and we will drop those off at Sheltering Silverton and even get more of a sense of what our contribution has been to our community, by personally delivering those kits.  Should be great.  Please join us today, 3pm, Silverton Community Center, November 22nd.

Alright, also, we are continuing to raise funds for Silverton Area Community Aid with our “Let them eat Pie” fundraiser.  You have just a few days, actually, until Monday, the 29th, to donate to the jars that are here, in the studio. Put your pocket change in the jar of the staff member you would like to see get a pie in the face.  And, we will have the final tally and the pie-ing Monday, November 29th (that’s next Monday) and we’ll have that here, at the studio, at 6:30. So, even if you don’t have classes, come join us for the pie-ing, come join us to celebrate our community, and it should be really, really great.  And, of course, we’ll remind you again.

It’s been a really awesome month. This has been a really great month focusing on community service.  And, thank you so much, for contributing, not just to our studio community but, to our community as a whole – in your time, your pocket change, your smiles, your attitudes – you guys are awesome.  We love our community here, at Silver Creek Clogging. 

Competition students; so we do have a fundraising opportunity for you.  We have a booth at the Silverton farmers market. Our next booth will be December 11th. That will be a really great time for you to make some crafts; only non-food/non-agriculture type crafts we can sell there.  And, you can make those crafts and you can sell them to raise funds for your participation in competition.  So, if you want to or if you need to raise funds to help pay entry fees or travel expenses for participation at competition, start creating.  Like I said, the only limitation is that we can’t sell food or agriculture items at our booth.  But, December 11th, our next booth, is prime time for holiday season buying.  So, keep that in mind. Can’t wait to see what you make.  I might even make a little something or two.  And, yeah, we’ll see you at the market on December 11th

So, here’s what’s happening on the studio calendar and what’s upcoming.

Monday, November 22nd, that’s today, at 3:30, meet in the Silverton Community Parking lot and we’ll delivery hygiene kits to Sheltering Silverton.

Thanksgiving break. No classes Wednesday through Saturday, this week.

Monday, November 29th, join us at the studio to finish our “Let them eat pie” fundraiser.  We will have the pie-ing, we’ll eat a little bit of pie, and we’ll also have a little fun celebrating our month-long focus on community service – and our own spectacular studio community.

Saturday, December 11th. Silverton farmers market performance and fundraising opportunity for those who want to participate.

The week of December 12th, wear your ugly holiday shirt to class.

Winter break will be Wednesday, December 22nd through Saturday, January 1st. We will have no classes during that time, for winter break.

And then, Saturday, January 22nd is our winter showcase dress rehearsal and recital. And, please prepare for this to be outside, all right? 

Saturday, January 29th is mid-winter festival in Albany.  It’s an all-day clogging workshop, so we’ll have some class handouts for you in the weeks to come

February. February 4th and 5th is our America OnStage competition, kick-off Oregon, in Portland, for our competition students.

February 10th through 12th is America OnStage competition, Kickoff Boise. It’s in Nampa.  That’s also only for our competition students.

And, then, May 13th and 14th our competition students should plan on nationals in Salt Lake City.

So, keep those competition events for our competitions tudents only.

And then, Saturday, June 4th, all of our students should plan on our summer kickoff dress rehearsal and recital at the Historic Grand Theatre in Salem.

So, please keep all of those events, all of those activities on your calendars.

Also, please plan, at some point, to dance at the Davenport House, once we’re a little bit out of the woods with COVID.

And, keep being awesome.  You guys are such an awesome group.  I just really do love this community that we have here, at Silver Creek Clogging. And, I really appreciate everything you do to contribute to the positive and the supportive atmosphere that we have here.  It’s so unique in the atmosphere that we have here, at Silver Creek Clogging. 

Thank you so much for being part of Silver Creek Clogging. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.  We’ll see you in class Monday and Tuesday and, of course, happy dancing.

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