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Hey, everyone.  It’s Ruth.  I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon.  This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of December 13th.

This month our Tapping into Excellence™ Leadership focus is on Teamwork.

Every single person has unique abilities, and skills, and even strengths.  And, an effective team is able to bring everyone’s skills and abilities and strengths together to reach a common goal.

Let’s think about an example of that for just a minute.  Let’s think about a play.  The goal of the play is to put on this wonderful play, right?  So, let’s think about a play that doesn’t have any lighting or sound technicians.  Let’s think about a play that doesn’t even have any actors. 

Everyone on the team, putting that play together, from the actors to the sound and lighting to the stage directors – everybody on that play… Guess what, even the audience members are part of the team of having that effective play, right.

So, just think about that and think about how good the play would be if it was only costume, only director, only… it would not be a very good play.

And, just think about putting on a play without any audience members to watch. 

So, a leader is just one member of a team.  And, it’s really tough to be an effective leader if you don’t know how to be a good team member.  And the purpose of the team leader should be to help the team to reach their common goal.

And, you, out there, you are a really important part of your dancer’s team.  So, when you give your time, when you give your energy to support your dancer, you are helping them to reach their goals. 

We all of us on this team, at Silver Creek Clogging, we are working together to give our students the skills to excel both on the dance floor and in life.  And, thank you for doing your part as part of our team, we all have role to play. 

This week in the studio, we are wearing our holiday shirt to class.  Of course, I don’t have my holiday shirt on.  I may not end up having a holiday shirt, but I will have a holiday something – you will see.  And, I would like to invite you to wear a holiday something, too.  You can wear holiday socks.  You can wear a holiday shirt.  You can wear a holiday bow in your hair.  You can wear a holiday anything that is dance friendly.  So, just remember, whatever you wear, it needs to be dance friendly and we’re going to spread some holiday cheer in the studio this week.

Next week in the studio, we only have classes on Monday and Tuesday. Scheduled classes will run on Monday and Tuesday, next week – and that’s all.   

Just a quick reminder that we have updated COVID check in procedures.  All of the information is in your email, so check for that.  And, please remember that students are required to wear masks upon entry and exit, when they’re in the studio.  So, when putting their shoes on, when they’re going to the bathroom, all of that, masks are required.  The only time masks are not required is when a student is actively dancing.  Of course, masks are recommended to be worn at all times, when in the studio.

But, yes; that’s the deal.  All that’s in your email.

Competition students, please keep track that the competition entries for both Portland and Boise are due on Thursday, January 6th.  They’re due in the studio, Thursday, January 6th.  Those competition entry forms were sent home with students last week.  And, if you need another one or if you have questions about that let us know.

So, remember, this week, we are wearing our holiday attire to class.

Next week, starting on Wednesday, the 22nd all the way through New Year’s Day, is winter break.  We do have classes next Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday, January 6th is the entry deadline for Boise and Portland competitions.   

Saturday, January 8th is our Silverton Farmers Market.

Saturday, January 22nd is our winter Showcase recital. We are only having a recital, no dress rehearsal.  It’s just a super low key, just a fun event, a relaxed event; we are finalizing all the details on that and you should see some more information about that in the next week or two.

And, then, Saturday, January 29th, for those who are interested is the Mid-Winter Festival in Albany.  We will have handouts for students coming very shortly.

And, then, Competition students, you’ve got competition February 4th and 5th in Portland; February 10th through 12th in Boise; May 13th and 14th in Salt Lake City

And, then, everyone, you’ve got our summer kick off recital on Saturday, June 4th at the Historic Grand Theatre in Salem.

So, we are waiting to see how things turn out with COVID before we schedule our performance at the Davenport House, but it is something we are really wanting to do.  We had planned it before COVID and then we weren’t able to get in because of COVID, so we are keeping that on our radar because it is something we really want to do to get to those folks and give them a performance.

And, that is what we have coming up on the studio calendar.  Please keep those events and those dates on your calendars. 

Remember, you are an important part of our team.  And, you have a part to play in the success – not only of your individual dancer – but of all of our dancers here, at Silver Creek Clogging.  We thank you for everything that you do to support your dancer, to support the studio, to support the whole team.

You are awesome.

We will see you in classes this week, with your holiday attire on, and until then happy dancing.

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