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Hey, everyone.  It’s Ruth.  I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon. And, this is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of January 10th.

Yeah, January; it is moving – lightning speed. Can you believe it? Yeah?  I am having a hard time keeping up.

But, all month long, in January, we are focusing our Tapping into ExcellenceTM leadership principle on the topic of goal setting. And, goal setting is so super important. In fact, it’s one of the most important things that we believe our students can learn, here at Silver Creek Clogging; because, just like anything, in dance you can’t learn and progress in just one day and you can’t become an expert in just one year. You have to continually be committed and have the discipline to work towards, and set, and achieve your goals. So, that is a skill that we are teaching our students that we hope they will be able to use, not just in their dance training but, in their lives outside the studio as well.

And, so, every year we dedicate some focused time one-on-one with our students to do some goal setting. We call these progress check-ins and goal-setting check-ins, that we do every year, Dance and Dream Sessions. So, our Dance and Dream Sessions are an annual event. It’s the time when instructors and students, and parents if they want, can come together talk about their student’s progress, talk about where their students want to go, dream a little, set some goals. And, it’s our intention to meet with each student either in person or via video chat next week and the week after. So, hopefully most people will be able to get in next week.  If not, we’ll meet with those of you who we can’t schedule in, we’ll meet with you the week after.

But, we want to get everybody a chance a one-on-one time to dream about what you want to accomplish, here at Silver Creek Clogging.

So, you can help your student prepare for their Dance and Dream session by getting that conversation starting started with them. Talking with them a little bit about what it is that they want to do. Like how far do they want to grow, like what is their objective. And, of course, everybody is going to have different goals, different objectives, different things that they’re wanting to accomplish. Some people might want to have the objective of learning and growing in a classroom environment, and practicing that while they’re learning dance skills; some people might want to be enhancing their mental and physical health, by learning and growing in new skills and new concepts every time, and challenging them; some people might want to work towards performances or specific performance opportunities; some people might want to grow in community as part of the studio; some people might want to be master technicians. So, it just really does depend on where you are right now in your journey, what you’re hoping to accomplish, and I’m just going to tell you… one of the most important things, one of the most important parts of goal setting (and the very first step to goal setting) is dreaming. You got to start with your dream, you got to start with that vision of, “Man, I really wish.” “Oh, I dream of this.” That is where the goal starts. Napoleon Hill says, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

So, remember, start with that dream. Start dreaming. If you could do anything that you wanted, if you could accomplish anything you wanted. If your experience here, at Silver Creek Clogging, would give you some specific opportunities or experiences, what would those be? And, let’s just start dreaming. And, then, we’ll talk about those and see if we can make a plan to help you realize those dreams, okay.

So, those are our Dance and Dream Sessions. They’re super, super important. Super valuable. So, instructors will be beginning to talk with you about getting those meetings scheduled. This week they’ll be talking with you and then they’ll try to schedule most of them next week and then also into the week after.

Our winter showcase; can you believe it’s next Saturday? Next Saturday. Woohoo.  So, that’s January 22nd and we just want to remind you that this is super informal, super relaxed showcase. And for some students, this is their very, very, very first time ever performing on stage, other students are performing their competition routines for the very first time.

And what we know is that, when performing, even the most practiced performers get the jitters and so it’s our intention to maintain the super relaxed, super warm, super friendly environment that can help our students grow in confidence and boost their spirits.  So, that’s where we are with that.

All of the details about the schedule, how to get tickets, all of that is in your email.

A couple of notes about tickets. We have capacity limits. Ticket sales close when we reach those capacity limits. Every dancer is eligible to request two complimentary tickets. You have a coupon code to request those through our online store on our website. You have the link for that in your email and your complimentary tickets are not guaranteed.

All tickets are first come, first served. If you want to have the best chance of guaranteeing that you have as many number of spots as you want for your cheering section, make sure to get in there ASAP, request your tickets and use your use your coupon code.

All the details are in your email, so please take a look at that. The schedule for the day all of that and, of course, we will have handouts for you also in class.

Here’s what’s on the studio calendar and what’s coming up.

This Saturday, January 15th we are hosting an open house for brand new students. So, if you know of somebody that you think would be a super awesome addition to our studio community, please let them know about that open house. We have free preview classes at that open house and it’s a really great opportunity to kind of get a little idea about what we’re doing here at Silver Creek Clogging.

Then, next Saturday, January 22nd it’s our winter showcase. I’m super excited.

The following Saturday after that, January 29th, is the Albany Midwinter Festival, for those of you who want to go to that.

And, then, we have competitions coming right up: February 4th and 5th is Kickoff Oregon: February 10th through 12th is kickoff Boise; and May 13th and 14th is Nationals in Salt Lake City. So, those are for our competition students only.

And, then, Saturday, June 4th is our summer kickoff dress rehearsal and recital at the Historic Grand Theatre in Salem.

So, please put all of those dates and all of those events on your calendars.

So super excited for the showcase next Saturday. And, remember to spread the word about our open house this Saturday, for brand new students.

And, thank you so much for being part of Silver Creek Clogging. We just think you are awesome and we wish you happy dancing.

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