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Hey everybody. It’s Ruth and I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center, home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM, and this is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging for the week of October 5th.

Yeah, it’s October, huh? Yeah, it’s hard to believe. Time sure is rushing past these days. Yeah, it’s going.

So, you know, school’s back in session (that is good news), fall is in the air (that is good news) and we really could feel all that positive energy in the studio last week. It really felt like life was in motion again. You know, we’ve been a little bit halted in our forward movement, it’s felt like, and so it was a really good feeling to just feel like life was going forward. I could really feel it in all of our students, that there was some sense of relief and a lot of happiness and positive energy around that, so that was amazing.

And to go along with all those happy, positive feelings, I want to share a quote with you this week and that is by Kate Spade.

And Kate Spade says, “Be happy, be bright, be you.”

And the reason I wanted to share this with you is, because these days there is lots of pressure to you know do things the right way, to fit in, to meet expectations, to do what other people think you’re supposed to do or what is acceptable in their eyes. And there’s so much pressure to do that, that I find we often lose track of who we are, in all of that pressure to do what everybody else thinks we’re supposed to do.

So, one thing that I know is, that when we feel true joy, and I don’t just mean fun or happy; I mean really that true, deep-down, overwhelming, true happiness that is so strong and so powerful that it feels like it’s just gonna burst out of you, you can’t really even contain it it’s so powerful, that is the joy. And when we feel that inside of us, that’s when we are more connected with and in touch with who we are than at any other time.

So that’s the reason why this quote stuck out to me because, “Be happy, be bright, be you”, that all goes together. That true joy; that bright, happy, deep energy of happiness is actually you.

So, what I want for you is to really feel that joy. When it comes, feel it. Get to a place where you know it, where you can recognize it, and where it can be your guide through all of the times when those pressures come your way. Because, that’s what that feeling is, that true joy inside you, how you’re feeling, that feeling can be your guide when you really connect with it and get to know it on a really familiar way.

So, that is my wish for you; that first, before anything else, you be you. You be your very happy, your very bright, your very magnificent self. Okay? Yeah.

And, we have a few announcements to mention in the studio. No big, earth-shattering things. Just reminders that next Saturday, October 17th, is our studio anniversary. This is the anniversary of when we moved into our brand-new studio home. Yeah, that was two years ago, October 17th. Can you believe it? So awesome. So, we’re gonna celebrate, from 11:30 to 1:30, all the information’s in your email and you will get more detailed information in your email next Monday, as well. So, just keep that on your calendar and plan to celebrate with us. Yeah, we can use a little bit of celebration, so let’s do it.

Also remember that the week of October 25th we’re gonna wear our non-scary Halloween costumes to class. I always think that’s a fun, fun, fun time.

And then for November 7th you can remember to take that off your calendars because, we’re no longer able to attend the Autumnfest. So, just a reminder to take that off your calendar.

And then on October 31st We are going to participate in the community trunk-or-treat that the Chamber of Commerce is hosting. So that should be fun.

And, oh yes, and then a reminder that the week of Thanksgiving we will not be having any classes that entire week. So, just a reminder about that.

And then just, as always, I have so much gratitude for our Silver Creek Clogging families; our students, our parents, everybody who supports our dancers and us as a studio. Thank you so much. I’m really grateful for the really positive, supportive energy and vibe that we’ve been able to create and maintain here, at the studio.

We don’t have a lot of that competitive energy that you can get sometimes and I’m really grateful for you, who contribute to that energy.

So, thank you, so much, for being part of Silver Creek Clogging and, happy dancing.

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