At Silver Creek Clogging, performing is an important part of our dancers’ growth and progression, which is why we provide multiple performance opportunities throughout the year.

We know that, at their foundation, performances are an opportunity for each dancer to demonstrate what they have learned during months of dance classes, hard work and practice; in some ways, it’s like an exam in school.  And, because dance is so personal and soulful, it is both a very exciting and very frightening experience.

But it’s more than just a time to shine.  It takes a certain kind of preparation, and specifically courage, to perform in front of others.  And, there will be successes and failures.  Every performance is a learning experience.

While preparing for and participating in performances, each dancer grows individually and along with members of their team.  Lifelong friendships and memories are made.  Dancers grow in team work, technical ability, performance presence, and the ability to work under pressure; all while experiencing the unique joyfulness of clogging.  The individual and team growth that can be realized through performing can be quite powerful.

One type of performance opportunity available at Silver Creek Clogging is a dance recital.  We typically hold two dance recitals per year.  The dance recital is a formal performance that provides our cloggers a chance to dance on stage in front of family and friends.  It is full of excitement and anticipation, with costumes, fanfare, and backstage fun.  It is also an important time for the dance studio community.  This is the time when parents, families, and friends from our diverse community get to come together with one common goal; to show collective support and pride for our dancers.

At Silver Creek Clogging, we also provide our dancers the opportunity to participate in clogging competitions.  Competition performing is very precise and energetic.  In preparing for competition, practice focuses on precision and detail.  In competition, technical merit and artistic presentation are evaluated by a panel of judges.  This includes clarity of sounds, showmanship, choreography, synchronicity, and technical execution.  Competitions are extraordinary opportunities for individual and team growth.  At competitions, not only do dancers get to demonstrate their own abilities , they get to experience the thrill of winning awards, grow camaraderie with their team, and see dancers from other studios in action.  These are special, inspiring and exciting experiences for dancers.

Community performances are another very important part of Silver Creek Clogging’s activities during the year.  These performances are generally less formal events at schools, festivals, rest homes, and the like.  Often, at community performances, the dance floor is closer to audience members, which provides for more interaction between the audience and dancers.  Community performances give us the chance to build connection and share the joy of clogging with our community.  And, because clogging is innately energetic and lively, it has a remarkable ability bring dancers and audience members together in happiness and joy.

Practice makes perfect and performing isn’t any different. The more a dancer performs, the more comfortable they will be when performing in front of a group of friends or strangers.  The confidence gained through performing will affect other areas of a dancer’s life.  Sometimes, in ways they won’t immediately realize.

In the end, performing is an experience that completes the dancer’s understanding of their art and of their self.

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