How it works

1. Start by selecting instructor.

2. Next click “select dates & times”. Navigate to the next month and then select a time from the available calendar dates/times.  

 –Days with available times are highlighted in green.  

3. Select method of payment and then click “Sign Up Now”.

4. When directed, log in to your student’s TeacherZone account to finalize enrollment/payment from the TeacherZone portal.

5. You will receive email confirmation of your payment/registration.


–The system currently limits scheduling to the first three weeks of January.  

–You may book as many lessons as you wish, from those available, by following the same process as outlined above.  

–If you want to schedule lessons further into the future, please contact us directly at the email below. 

Private lesson dates/times are limited and available on a first come/first served basis.

If you have any questions, email us at