Studio Policies & Procedures

A few of the studio’s policies and procedures are listed below and are subject to change at any time without notice.

General Studio Policies

Communication: Communication is essential to success!  Acoustic Energy Dance communicates with students primarily via email.  Families should ensure their email filters do not block studio communications via email.  On occasion, we will communicate via text, TeacherZone chat, and/or take home notices.  Please take time to read all information your we send. We value your privacy and will never give your personal contact information to a third party without your permission.

Attendance: Student development and progression require regular class attendance. Students are expected to attend classes as scheduled. Class assignments, videos, and materials will be posted for students via our student portal. Regular class time is not used to reteach material for students who have missed class. When students miss a class, they should review posted assignments, get together with classmates outside of classes, and/or schedule a private lesson with their instructor to learn/review material that may have been missed.

If Acoustic Energy Dance cancels a class period, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up class. If a make-up class cannot be scheduled, practice material/assignments will be posted via our student portal.  No credits or refunds will be given for missed or cancelled classes.

Scheduled Closures:  The studio does not attach its closures to any local school district. The studio has several planned closures, including several federal holidays, spring break, summer break, and winter break.  Your program tuition accounts for these closures.

Inclement Weather Closures: The studio does not attach its closures to any local school district.  In the event that a decision is made to close Acoustic Energy Dance due to inclement weather, students will be notified by email and an announcement will be posted on the studio’s Facebook Page.

Observation During Classes: Acoustic Energy Dance values student growth, happiness, and progression and has found students to be most productive, happy and focused when parents/visitors do not remain in studio during classes.  Therefore, parents/visitors do not remain in studio during classes.

Dance Studio/Dance Floor: Street shoes are NOT to be worn on the dance floor. Only approved dance footwear. No food or beverages are allowed in the studio. Water in spill proof bottles only.

Dress Code: Although uniforms are not currently required, students are required to comply with the studio’s dress code.  Jeans/denim of any kind are not acceptable (including denim pants, shorts, skirts, or other similar denim clothing) and is not allowed to be worn during dance classes.  Students should wear comfortable exercise/dance clothing that allows them to move freely.  Leggings, athletic shorts, dance pants, or similar are acceptable.  Students may be dismissed from class for failure to adhere to the dress code.

Classroom Rules: We have worked hard to foster and maintain a uniquely positive and empowering studio environment for the benefit of our entire studio community. One of the ways we protect and actively guard the culture we’ve created is by ensuring adherence to a high standard of conduct.

Classroom rules are posted prominently in the studio and can also be found by clicking here.

Where appropriate and/or necessary, students/parents will be counseled about appropriate classroom behaviors. Adherence is required for continued enrollment.  

NO cellphone use is allowed in the studio! Cell phone use is strictly and expressly prohibited in the studio.

Tuition & Payments

Programs and Tuition Payments: When enrolling, students enter a year-round program, with a 12-month commitment  Costs for the 12-month program are made in regular monthly installments via automatically recurring credit card payment.  Monthly installments are not prorated, reduced or otherwise modified based on the number of class periods scheduled or attended.

Returned Payments: A $25 returned payment fee will be assessed for payments returned, rejected, cancelled, or declined for any reason.

Non-Payment/Balances Due: Acoustic Energy Dance does not allow students to attend classes or participate in any studio related events if payment has not been made. Students will be excused from participation for non-payment and any unpaid balances will remain due and required to be paid in full prior to student return to participation and/or re-enrollment.  Unpaid balances may be subject to collections.

Additional Costs: Most students can expect to pay additional costs associated with performances, competitions, and other events. These costs will vary depending on the performance/event and the program in which the student is currently enrolled.

Photos & Videos

Waiver Required: Acoustic Energy Dance has photographic rights, and throughout your students’s enrollment photos and/or films may be taken and used for Acoustic Energy Dance’s purposes.


For families brand new to Acoustic Energy Dance, we are thrilled to welcome you to our studio community.  We know it can sometimes take a few weeks for students to feel comfortable and settled. That’s why we offer a “Happiness Guarantee” as described below.

If, after you/your child has attended their first 4 weeks of classes, you are not completely happy with the class, you are welcome to withdraw from the 12-month program anytime before the 5th week of classes with nothing further to pay.

To be eligible, your intent to withdrawal must be made in writing to before the 5th week of classes.

After the first class period during the 5th week of classes, if you have not withdrawn from classes in writing, you/your child will continue to be committed to program payments for the remainder of your 12-month program agreement.