Have you ever heard (or been told) that there are prerequisites to being a “real dancer”? 

That you have to learn this style of dance – or that style of dance – or you’re not a real dancer? 

Or, that thus and such style of dance is the foundation of all dance and that you’re not going to be a real dancer if you don’t learn it?  

I know I have.

And, I know many dancers have, at times, let that story deflate them, leave them feeling like they will never be able to become a real dancer, and even have them on the verge of quitting dance all together – and, sadly, some do end up quitting.

I know – I have been there.  Luckily I never quit dancing.  But, I spent time trying different styles of dance.  I bought into the idea that I would never be a real dancer because I wasn’t doing a certain style of dance and didn’t look a certain way — and it left me feeling deflated – and even ashamed. 

But, in the end, I always came back to clogging. 

That’s because clogging is the dance that really speaks to me.  It helps me be more in touch with the core of who I am than any other style of dance I have ever tried.

So, Please!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not a real dancer because you don’t do whatever style of dance it is they say is the “correct” style.

The only unwavering truth about dance is that JOY is, without a doubt, the foundation – the heart – the very core of dance. 

Do the style of dance that brings you joy. 

Because, it’s with joy that we really become and know who we are.

That’s what I want for you; to become and know who you are and be confident in yourself.

Follow your heart. 

If you have found a style of dance that makes you feel deeply and truly who you are, YOU ARE A REAL DANCER.

I’ll say it again…..


So, dance and be joyful.  That is the heart of it all.

In the words of some of our students: 

“I have loved clogging so much.  I have finally found a dance that is for me.” -Gaby

“Clogging is the only thing that made me break out of my shell and taught me true passion for life.” -Rianna

If you’re ready to join our uniquely joyful dance community, now is the time. 

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